Make-up Routine {everyday}

Image.jpegI have stated before that I am not a full face of make-up kind of girl, especially on a daily basis.  I like my make-up routine to be simple, face and extremely lightweight. There is nothing I hate more than feeling like my make-up is heavy, cause if it feels heavy, it probably looks that way too. Continue reading


Nail Polish Favorites: Fall Edition

Like most girls I have quite the collection of nail polish. Most every shade of pink, a few reds and purples, the random neon shades and a handful of neutrals. Some how they just accumulate and before I know it I am up to my ears in bottles of nail polish.

I love the relaxing nature of painting my nails or getting my nails painted. Something about the experience is a huge stress reliever. Although the polish never lasts as long as I hope, it’s still something I find myself doing on a weekly basis. Continue reading

Subscription Boxes [Insider tips]

I recently came across a website that is literally all about these monthly subscription boxes. I was aware of some of them, obviously, but others I was totally caught by surprised by. This website not only has beauty boxes, but food, clothing & even boxes for pets!

Subscription Box Ramblings 

I started looking through the list, and some I recognized, and some I have even subscribed to. But most of the list I had never heard of. I really like getting beauty boxes because I know that I will use the products. Food boxes are hard to for to imagine me liking. I am very picky with my food, and although I like the idea of a snack box, or a dinner prep type box I don’t think it is worth the money for me.

But the more I looked at her site the more hidden treasures I found.

She has  a whole list of FREE Boxes! Yup, free. And they vary as far as what the products are. Some of them are the ones that you do have to pay Shipping and Handling, but to try out some great products, that’s not a bad deal. Some of the companies on her list are ones that I have already mentioned like the two great offers from the Honest Company, the baby products and their beauty products.

I might just have to check out a few of the other boxes she listed. It is important to ready about these boxes before you sign up for a bunch. Many of them are monthly/ quarterly subscription boxes, and if you don’t cancel your account before the next process date you can be charged for another box. Sometimes that is great, when you want to keep getting boxes from them, but if you don’t like the products you received, and forget to cancel or skip you can’t always get a refund.

The other list that I LOVED was the different beauty boxes. There are so many on this list that I have never heard of, or ones like Target & Walmart that I can never find the links to the boxes. I have tried a few on the list, but others are on my list of ones to try. The great thing about this site is not only is the price of the box provided, but she also has the links to where you can sign up.

When looking at boxes, or when debating if you should sign up, look to see if the company has a rewards program. What I mean is can you accumulate points and redeem them for free stuff? Many do, at least the beauty ones I have tried do. How it works will vary depending on the company, but many of them will give you points when you:

A. Sign up or subscribe
B. Every box you get you can get points
C. Reviewing the products: this is a win-win, you review the products and can get points, but it also tell the creators of the boxes what products to use, ones not to use and your opinion.
D. Referring a Friend: Many of these companies will give you a personal referral code that you can give to friends and when they use that link, sign up and order something, you then get rewarded.

Here are some of my other tips:

  1. Check and see how often you will get boxes, and really look at what you are paying compared to the retail value. Sometimes you aren’t getting a SUPER good deal.
  2.  A. See if you can look at your box a head of time and customize it. I know a few beauty boxes offer this. Before your box actually ships, you can remove and add items.
    B. See if you can skip months/ payments: Sometimes money might be tight or you simply don’t like any of the products featured for that month. Some companies will allow you to “skip” that month. You won’t get charged, but also won’t get products.
  3. How easy is it to cancel? Some companies, I have just found it SO ANNOYING to cancel… you have to call and talk to someone, they will try to talk you out of it, offer you different deals, then you have to wait for a confirmation email and its just a hassle. Some companies, (bless their hearts) allow you to cancel right online through your account.
  4. Keep track of what boxes you are subscribed to, and when they process payment. I love getting these but limit myself to a few a month, and when I cancel one, I can then add another. I would hate to have too many going and be getting charged for a million boxes.
  5. Watch for sneak peeks: I usually get these from YouTubers, but some of the boxes websites will give you a look too. If you want to see what is in the box before you order, this is a great way to determine if you want the box or not. Other companies like Ipsy its totally customized to you. Each bag is unique.

What are your favorite subscription boxes to get? Did yours make her list? I’d love to hear why a specific box is your favorite, or which ones you don’t think are worth the money.