Empties & Repurchases

I have never done an empties post, and part of that is because I am horrible at actually finishing a product. With receiving so many subscription boxes I often find a product I like and then as soon as the next box comes I switch to the new one. I recently discovered that I was finishing off several of my products & finding myself heading back to the store to buy more. Continue reading


{Sidekicks} April

April was another crazy month for me- full of dog sitting & vacation! But I had a great collection of sidekicks to help me get through the month! I also cut off about 4 inches of hair this month so I had to discover new products to help me style my new do. Living out of a make-up bag, you really do depend on only what you brought with you and most of those products have made it into my list this month! So lets get right into my sidekicks! Continue reading

Sidekicks {February}

February was a great month! I got lots of new and great products that I can’t wait to share with you! Before I get to the products themselves- I just wanted to point out that this was a month full of finding companies and products that are giving back. Companies that give away some of their proceeds to charities of all kinds and products that are better for the environment and for myself. So with that out of the way lets get to the products! Continue reading

YU.R Pore Mask [Review]

img_5176I’m sure you have seen this mask all over YouTube cause that is where I saw this. I love peel off masks, deep clean, pore clearing type products so this was right up my ally. I got this off Amazon for about $20. It does come with 10 step one nose strips & a tube of step 2.

I have seen many reviews on this system and some were great- unclogged their pores, softer skin and smaller pore size.

I have also seen the opposite. Irritated skin, only pulled out baby hairs or dry skin & didn’t so much of anything.

I decided to take a chance. Continue reading

Winter Spa Night: Samples Edition/ Review

With all the beauty subscriptions my sample bucket tends to get full, fast. I decided with the harsh winter weather here in Minnesota, it was time for a spa night, re-hydrate my skin & I was determined to try some of the samples I have been hording & give them a proper review!

I LOVE baths, for some strange reason. I love how I just melt when I hit the hot water & for it it is the perfect way to get away & relax. Check out what I used to help me relax & pamper myself for my spa night! Continue reading

Allure Beauty Box {First Impression}

I just received my first Allure Beauty Box & I was decently impressed. I have gotten a variety of beauty boxes before and this one was above average in my mind.

This beauty box is a monthly subscription that is $15 per month and contains a handful of editor favorite beauty products. I was really excited to get one of these boxes because of their product list. Most of the products chosen are high end brands. That means you can try these samples for WAY cheap before buying them off the shelf. Continue reading

Dr. Hauschka Review & First Impression


I recently got free samples from a woman at work. She put them in the lunch room, and told people to help themselves. Because I have so many allergies and irritations to new products, I thought I would look into this brand/company and see if A. I could use it & B. See if I liked it.

I grabbed 3 products from the pile she set on the counter. A variety of products were spilled across but these 3 seemed the most practical for me and my skin care. As I went back to my desk, I did a little more research into the company, the products themselves and I was curious to see what they retailed at.

In looking at the website & the packaging that these products and all the products in the company are completely natural. Used only the best ingredients for the skin and body. In reading the ingredients used in the products I grabbed, there was nothing that would irritate my skin (to be sure, I spot tested it on the inside of my elbow). Continue reading

Dr. Jart+ Skin Care Review

I recently picked up 2 single use skin care products from the brand Dr. Jart+. Both of the products were meant to clean out and shrink pores. Something I am always on the hunt for. I have tried many products that don’t always see to work as well as I’d hope.

I have seen a few people on YouTube use this brand and they have said good things about it. Before I purchased these products, I did look up some reviews on Influencer (an app that rewards you for writing reviews, asking questions and other things about beauty products) as well as look up the ingredients to make sure they weren’t going to irritate my skin.

The two that I got were a charcoal sheet mask, and a two step pore strip and cooling strip.IMG_4344.jpg

I did the Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask first. First impression was that I liked it at first. It felt cooling on my face, and I did feel an initial tingle where I knew I had some acne. The directions said to leave it on for 15 minutes and rub the remaining solution into your face. After 5 minutes or so, the mask started sliding down my face. There was so much product on the mask that it didn’t say on my face, even when I laid my head back to keep it on, it slid off the side. Maybe I have a small face or put the wrong side against my skin. Like I mentioned I had a tingle feeling in the beginning, but back of the packaging said “This soothing sheet mask purifies pore and removes excess sebum without irritation”. A Let me tell you what, not only did it NOT remove the sebum on my face, it actually DID irritate the pimples I have.

I saw no improvement after this mask, and I don’t think its worth the $7.50 you pay for ONE mask. Over all I give this mask a two out of 5. The mask did feel good and was cooling, but as far as results, I didn’t see any.

The next product I tried was the Pore Master Patch 2 step system.  I was no stranger to pore strips and I always have high hopes for them to clean out my pores perfectly. But for $7.50, again I was disappointed. This two step system starts with your basic dry pore strip. You place it over you nose, wait for it to dry and then peal it off. Again maybe I did it wrong, but this pore strip was less than impressive, I get more cleaned pores from my Biore strips that are much cheaper. Although it did clean out some of my pores, I was expecting better results.

Step two of this process is a cooling strip. Same concept but it has a solution that helps reduce redness as well as close pores. Again this one had so much product on it that it didn’t seem to stay on my face.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with these, and please let me know if I used them wrong. Maybe I should have used them in reverse order, and would have seen better results. Give me your input and let me know if you have tried these and what your first impression was.

Sephora Haul

The thing I love most about wondering through Sephora is that I always discover new products, find good deals on products I already love, and walk away with new samples. I recently was wondering around, looking again for the Swamp Queen Eyeshadow Palette, and again no luck. But I was there and decided to look.

IMG_4306I was looking as some new brands and some old brands, always on the hunt for a deal. I stumbled across another “Beauty Blogger” type box, were one brand will give you smaller sizes of a few of their products in one box for you try. This one was from the brand Benefit. This pack came with:

A Make-UP remover

They’re REAL Mascara- Black & Brown

Push UP Liner

I also got a tips and tricks pack that just gave me tips on using these products.

The other great thing about shopping Sephora is you get FREE samples both online as well as in-store. The ones I got with my in-store purchase are the Sephora Brand- Instant Moisture Cream & the First-Aid-Beauty brand Ultra Repair Cream.

IMG_4315When I was leaving the store I came across some skin care products that looked interesting but because of my sensitivity I wanted to do more research on them before I bought them.
I ended up finding that they would be great for my skin, and did an online purchase.

Dr. Jart + was the skin care that I tried. I went with their pore minimizing products to put them to the test. I am a long time user of Biore pore strips and just one of these single use packets is the price of an entire box of Biore. So I put these to the test. Check out my review of these here.

IMG_4316The other product I ordered was another “sample box” I guess of Tarte Skincare  Rainforest of the Sea. These were 3 (very small) samples from this skin care line. the 3 items were:

– 0.338 oz Marine Boosting Mist
– 0.25 oz Deep Dive Cleansing Gel
– 0.24 oz Drink H2O Hydrating Boost

From my first impression these are going to be really hydrating products. The gel immediately melted into my skin and left my skin soft and hydrated. I will do a full review when I use up some of my other skin care, so stay tuned!

I did also get to choose a sample from the online purchase. They had a promo code for a Hair Care product from Living Proof a frizz eliminating Nourishing oil. Because I used this promo code, I didn’t get to pick other samples, or I didn’t do it right because this was the only sample I received.

What are your favorite products to get from Sephora? Have you ever tried the Benefit or Tarte “sample boxes” I got”?

Stay tuned for reviews of the products I got from this haul!

New Skin Care + Grove Co.

I mentioned this brand in my April favorites but I have fallen in love with Acure Skin Care. It is the best stuff I have found so far, it is the most effective, works great on my sensitive, acne prone skin, it’s organic and I can get it cheap using Grove Collaborative.

Grove Collaborative is a online retailer that sells a variety of Organic brands ranging from personal care to cleaning supplies, laundry supplies and more. My sister got me hooked on this site as you can get products up to 40% off retail price, it ships right to your house and you can earn money just for referring friends & family.

You can join to be a VIP member which has its perks! You can do a VIP trial for 60 days- this will get you Free shipping, free gifts, and a preview of new products. After those 60 day’s you can maintain your membership for just $20 a year!

When you refer a friend, they can get a $10 credit. Right now they have a promo, when your friend makes a purchase, you receive $20 credit. There is always a free item or a credit that Tech Offers through chat that comes up when you login to your account.

Continue reading