Spa Night: Lush Edition/Review

I love a good spa night. This one was extra special because I was trying Lush products for the first time and I had enough to make a night of it. I went to Lush for the first time a week or so back with my best friend. It was my first time shopping their products but I have heard so much about it both on YouTube as well as blogs. I was super excited to see the products they had to offer and get to try some out.

The store was smaller than I expected but FULL of products. My first impression was the overwhelming scent of essential oils. I was also immediately drawn towards the Bath Bomb.

Butterball Bath Bomb

I started with the famous Lush Bath Bomb. I was kind of disappointed with mine; I got the Butterball bath bomb and it didn’t leave my skin feeling silky at all- there was no “buttery froth” that they claim nor was there a vanilla scent. It did however leave my tub extremely greasy feeling and slippery as all get out.

I think if I go back and try another bath bomb I will get something with a more relaxing scent and maybe different “features”

They had a lot to pick from and honestly for my first time I got the cheapest one. I do love bath bombs but was just not over the top thrilled with the one I picked.

While soaking in the tub, I applied the mask I picked up from Lush. I talked a little bit IMG_0318about it in my sidekicks post because I really do love it. This is an all natural mask that leaves my skin clean, fresh and extra soft and smooth. It wasn’t my first pick, but the one I wanted was out of stock. This one was for troubled skin, which I definitely have. The mask claims to “help defeat problem areas without irritating sensitive skin and help keep skin clean and clear” and it does all of those for my skin. It does take a minute to get used to the cold mask (due to having to keep it in the fridge) as well as the smell. This mask is made with garlic, egg whites, tea tree oil & honey.

Because these masks are made with natural ingredients not only do they need to stay refrigerated but they are only good for about a week. This is bittersweet, on one side its nice because knowing it’s only good for a week it kind of forces me to use it more often. But on the other side it’s only enough to do 3 masks and its more expensive than organic store bough ones.

IMG_0349The last product I used in my Lush Spa night was given to me as a sample with my purchase. It is a African Paradise Body Conditioner. This is used like hair conditioner but for your body. You rub it all over wet skin and rinse off any residue. This was extremely soft and even a day later I am left is silky soft skin.

Overall, I really like the Lush products, I will definitely go back and try out more of their stuff. I was also told that if you save 5 mask containers and bring them in you get a Fresh Mask FREE!

What do you think of Lush products? Do you have any MUST try? I would love some recommendations for my next trip!


Sidekicks {January}

I can’t believe January has already come and gone! What a wild month. I have several favorites this month, so without further ado, lets get to my sidekicks for the month of January!

I was out of town for a weekend, as well as away dog sitting for a week so I was living off just what I packed with me. That makes it hard because if you end up not liking the shade of eyeliner or the mascara you brought is dried out. Living out of a makeup bag really makes your grateful to be back home 🙂 Continue reading

Ipsy: December

fullsizerender-1I had seen a few sneak peeks of this months Ipsy Glam Bag & I was really excited for it! I loved the bag, for once, I usually aren’t in love with them, but this time I think I will actually use it 🙂

Not only is the bag super cute and perfect for the Holiday Season, but the items I got were some of the best I have ever gotten! I was super impressed with the variety. I got something for hair, face, eye shadow & a brush to apply it & and eyeliner!

Continue reading

SideKicks {October}

As the month has come to a close, I like to look back at what make-up items became my go to items to help me get ready throughout the month. October was a fun month for me to play around with some make up! I had a few events that I got dolled up for, and to do that I had some new and some old sidekicks that helped me create the perfect look! Continue reading

Grav3yard Girl Eyeshadow Palette

I FINALLY got the Swamp Queen Grav3yard Girl eye shadow palette. (Okay, I got it a few months ago, but just got around to writing a review on it). I thought I was going to miss the launch date but I got my paws on a shadow set before they sold out. I am so happy, although it was a little more expensive than I usually spend on any type of beauty product, I think it was totally worth it!

Bunny is one of my favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube. I think she is funny, so down to earth and just real with the people that watch her. I love that most of her videos are done make-up free and her PJ’s but other times I am blown away with her makeup looks and tutorials. I was so excited that I actually got this shadow palette, I was literally freaking out in the car when I got the email saying it had launched, rushing to get home to place my order.

These shadows are PERFECT for creating smokey eyes, simple everyday looks or neutral looks. I have been wearing some sort of combination of these shadows everyday, and everyday has a new look. Even if I use the same shadow colors, there are so many variations that can be a result of these shadows.

My first impression of the colors she picked was “THESE ARE PERFECT!” I think she did a spot on job of picking colors that will literally look good with any eye shape, color, skin tone and hair color. I love that they aren’t the typical colors you see in a shadow set, but somehow that makes them even more awesome! With my brown hair and hazel eyes, I often find myself using the purple shades more than the orange, but it depends on my mood and outfit for the day!

Image result for tarte swamp queen palette

Not only do these colors have great pigmentation, I don’t have to cake it on to get my desired look and there is little to know fallout, after the first use. I love that I can create an entire face look with this one palette because Bunny added a highlight, blush and bronzer too.

When you order this set, you go get a brush, and a little card where they are pre-made looks step by step to create different looks. I have also seen some of my favorites Youtubers review this, Leighann , Kandee & Bunny herself. I love watching how these girls apply these look, (mainly because they know what they are doing) & review one of their friends collaborations.

My favorite shadows from this palette are: Mancat, Uncommon, #SFS. I love the combination of matte & glitter shadows that are given perfect for creating a look for any person for any occasion.

Image result for swamp queen eyeshadow palette Swatches

Did you get this palette? What did you think of it when you first used it? Do you think its worth the money?

Glossybox {July} 2.0

I’m not entirely sure why I keep getting these boxes, but this is the second box I have gotten since I have canceled my subscription and I haven’t been charged for… again I’m not mad about it, but feel slightly guilty that I am getting entirely free products. But still, I have tired them out and here is my first impression/reviews :0)

I liked the variety in this box.

NUXE Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse: Unfortunately, I am allergic to this oil, but I was able to pass it on to a friend. This single oil can be used in your hair or on your body. A beautiful glass bottle and great sample size, I was bummed I couldn’t use it.

fango ESSENZIALI MOISTURIZE Treatment Sheet Mask: I love getting face masks, especially ones that help moisturize, these are great to collect and use during winter. This one, similar to one I got in the other box are great sheet masks that leave my skin feeling great.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist: I have yet to try this and see if it works. But it is spray that you use after you’ve painted your nails, and it helps them dry faster. This is my second can I have received from these boxes, so one will get passed on to a nail polish lover friend. I hope this does work, because I am so inpatient when it comes to waiting for my polish to dry.

GLOV Glov Quick Treat: This is a little microfiber finger cover that is used to help get makeup off. I have tried using this both in and out of the shower and all it does is give me raccoon eyes. I have tried it plain and with makeup remover and although I love the idea of it, it just doesn’t work for me.

EYEKO FAT STICK in Satin: This is going to be a great little product for traveling. A light shimmer in the shadow, perfect for when you go out for a nice dinner. A single stick gives you shadow and shimmer. I have also used this on the lower lash line to help smoke out a smokey eye.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lip Stick- Chihuahua: This little guy has also made its way into my travel bag. A mauve nude shade is perfect for anyone. I love how easy it is to apply, and how great it feels on my lips. Its not drying, and doesn’t crumble. I do feel like some of the product gets lost in the applicator felt tip.

The last of my Glossy boxes, and let me say I’m not mad about it. Although I got a lot of great products from brands that I have never tried or even heard of, great products and worth the price. I like that I can try out ones that I have been looking at, just not wanting to pay the retail price for.

What do you think of Glossy Box? Have you tried or do you use any of these products? Do you think Glossy box is worth the price?


Benefit- they’re Real [First impression]

I love to try products before I spend a fortune on them, and this was one of those times I was thankful I did.I got this set ofIMG_4306 sample sizes for a great price. Although they are great products they definitely took some getting used to.

It started when I got the they’re Real lash primer from Ulta as my birthday gift. A product that seems semi pointless, and not really worth it. I don’t think it does anything different than a basic coat of mascara.

But in window shopping at Sephora, and I saw this sample pack I decided to give the other products a try. This set comes with two mascaras, one in black and one in brown. Their unique rubber angle tip eyeliner, and a sample of their makeup remover.

Primer: The lash primer to me in general is a goofy product. I don’t get how it is any different than a mascara. This on I got for free from Ulta as my birthday gift. I have tried it a few times under a variety of mascaras and never really noticed a difference. It wasn’t until I got the matching mascara that I did notice a change.

For me & my lashes, this primer gets my lashes separated but begins to get them lifted and curled. I have decent lashes to begin with, but with the primer, I notice that my lashes practically touch my eyebrow.

Mascara: The mascara itself is great. I love trying new formulas with a variety in wand styles. These wands have a spike ball type tip that really allows me to get the inner and outer corner lashes. With the primer, my lashes look full, lifted, curled and like fake lashes.

With the mascara alone, I still get a great look, just not as much volume as I do when I use the primer with it. I prefer the black mascara just because my lashes are black to begin with, so it feels funny to put brown mascara on my black lashes.

Eyeliner: This was definitely the most unique eyeliner I have ever tried. It has a rubber angled tip that liquid liner gets twisted up into to create the perfect line. Now let me say, I have tried to use it over and over and I still haven’t mastered how to use it, but I have gotten good enough where it looks half way decent.

Although I’m not sure if this is a waterproof mascara, I will say that it was one of the most difficult liners to get off. Even just swatching it on my hand it took several washes and finally makeup remover and scrubbing to get the black lines off my hand.

Image result for benefit they're real linerImage result for benefit they're real liner

Make-UP remover: Bummed about this product, I did have a slight irritation to it, and because I would use it on my eyes, I passed it along to a friend. I have ones that I am not allergic to that I will stick with. I did like the small travel size of it though.


Have you ever tried these products? Are they worth buying in the full size? What do you think of the unique liner?

I’d love to hear what you think! Have a BEAUTY-full day!

Glossy Box Unboxing {June}

Glossy Box is one of the boxes that I have wanted to try for a while when I see one of my favorite YouTubers, EleventhGorgeous, unbox them every month. But I always forget to sign up! I finally did, and I am so excited to share what I got in the June box with you.

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box that is $21/ month. Each month you get 5-6 full sized beauty products.

Before you get your first box, you take a beauty quiz. I love when companies do this, I feel like I get products that are more personalized for me, not just general products that everyone gets.

You also accumulate “Glossy Dots”. A reward system that gives you dots for referrals, purchases and taking surveys. When you reach 1,000 dots you can then redeem them for a free box. Use my referral code to get started!

Referral Code:

Check out what I got in my June 2016 Glossy Box:

First impression was “There are a lot of products” I couldn’t believe how many were in here, although it was only 2 more than I got in Ipsy & Birchbox, it seemed like so many more products. My next thought was “I have NEVER heard of  some of these brands” Both excited and slightly bothered to try new brands I was willing to give it a try.IMG_4332

The items I got in my box were:

Professional Sebastian whipped Creme– a hair cream that is used to help style and hold your hair. Although I don’t style my hair much were I would need this, it is a great travel sized product.

Sebastian Dark Oil– I think this was just an bonus sample, it is much smaller than the other samples in the box. This is a small amount of hair oil that doesn’t really say what it does.

Two Tan Towels– These can be used anywhere on your body, and are quick ways to add a little color. I am very fair and don’t tan easily, so these might be great to use on my face for that summer wedding or event.

Sinful Colors– Kylie Jenner Line Nail Polish. The color I got was a Matte Gray sparkle. I have already put it on and already love it. Although the first day or half a day the polish feels gritty, it does go away with wear. I also don’t use top coat (because I’m too lazy) and it did last a few days without chipping.

LA Splash Lip Gloss– Although I am not much of a gloss wearer, I do like the color. I might wear it for events or going out with the girls, when its not windy or I have to eat something. I just think gloss is so sticky and I seem to always get my hair stuck in it.

Caolion Pore Ritual Skin Care-this two step blackhead removing and pore treatment looks really cool, I am a little nervous. I believe it is a Japanese product I have high hopes for it. Check back in a little bit to see a review once I get the chance to try it.

Icona Milano Mascara– I love getting new mascaras to try. This one looks to have a good small wand great for getting those small lashes. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet because I am working on finishing up some older mascaras.

Overall, I’m happy with the products that I got and will use most of them but I’m not blown away with the products, but think it was a good variety of products and very pleased with the sizes.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox? What do you think of the samples that I got in my box, did you get different ones in your box?