Make-up Routine {everyday}

Image.jpegI have stated before that I am not a full face of make-up kind of girl, especially on a daily basis.  I like my make-up routine to be simple, face and extremely lightweight. There is nothing I hate more than feeling like my make-up is heavy, cause if it feels heavy, it probably looks that way too. Continue reading


Dr. Hauschka Review & First Impression


I recently got free samples from a woman at work. She put them in the lunch room, and told people to help themselves. Because I have so many allergies and irritations to new products, I thought I would look into this brand/company and see if A. I could use it & B. See if I liked it.

I grabbed 3 products from the pile she set on the counter. A variety of products were spilled across but these 3 seemed the most practical for me and my skin care. As I went back to my desk, I did a little more research into the company, the products themselves and I was curious to see what they retailed at.

In looking at the website & the packaging that these products and all the products in the company are completely natural. Used only the best ingredients for the skin and body. In reading the ingredients used in the products I grabbed, there was nothing that would irritate my skin (to be sure, I spot tested it on the inside of my elbow). Continue reading

Tarte Lip Paint

IMG_3730.jpgLiterally, just out of the package is my new Lip Paint. I have seen this all over YouTube and my go to vloggers have done reviews and so I caved and got one. My FIRST Tarte product and I am beyond excited.

Little bit about the product:

It is a cross between a gloss and a lip stick. Not as sticky as a gloss but not as dry as a lip stick. It’s not moisturizing but it feels good on the lips. I have found that if my lips are dry to begin with, putting the paint on will sometimes cause the lip paint to crack and look not attractive. I sometimes have to put chapstick on, wait about 10-15 minutes then the paint can go on and it looks great!

This style of lip paint comes in 10-14 colors depending on where you order from. The colors range from nudes, pinks, purple to red and DEEP red. Because I am not a bold lip color kind of girl, I stuck to my save zone and got the color namaste, a great nude color for everyday wear. Here is a video from one of my favorite Vloggers, you can skip to 1:23 for the start of the colors, she does talk a bit in the begining. In her video she does swatches of 10 colors, and gives her review of the product. I value her opinion and like what she has to say, while you are there check out her other beauty videos.

Another great thing about this lip paint is that is has a slight scent of mint. Not over powering but subtle enough to know it’s there!

I love my lip paint, I have worn it almost every day since I got it! Although its great product I do agree with the vlogger about some of the down sides.  The lip paint does transfer, and smudge.  I have found lip prints on my bag, coat arm and it doesn’t come off very easily. Granted I didn’t try mine with liner, but I did find myself having to reapply often. After eating or drinking, and sometimes after singing too much in the car & licking my lips

Along with my lip paint I got yet another FREE sample! With this one, I got a bronzer and blush card, another item that is not in my everyday routine, but I am excited to try them!

I have another order from Tarte on the way, but what is your favorite product from Tarte? Have you tried the lip paint? What was your first impression of the lip paint?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!