Lip Monthy

img_5199I recently got my first Lip Monthly bag- a slight hassle but it is finally here! For those of you that don’t know, Lip Monthly is another subscription service that delivers once a month and is only $5! Continue reading


June Sidekicks

Time to talk about my favorites again! I love this time of the month because I get to reflect back on the past month and think about what products really stood out to me, and made my life easier! June was full of great products, I had two new subscription boxes, a little Ulta Haul and got to test out new products! With out further ado here are my June favorites!

This month I discovered new products, come ones I have had for a while that became new favorites and some that have been talked about recently.


Eye Shadow: I have been LOVING my ELF eyeshadow palette, Need it Nude. I had mentioned this in my ELF haul, but I have been finding so many combinations and looks with just this one set of shadows. I have been using my new ELF brushes that I got in the same haul, but they have been perfect for creating simple looks, smokey eyes, or glammed up looks too!


Eye Liner: This was one of my FREE birthday items that I got from Sephora, it is the IMG_4285mini Marc Jacobs black crayon liner. I recently started using crayons instead of liquid because I can get a softer look, and its easier to get close to my lash line with a crayon. This is a great true black color, and it stays on all day. It can be semi difficult to remove, it does take a good makeup remover to get it off.



Mascara: I have definitely mentioned this mascara before, but I have been loving my Tarte- Lights Camara Lashes/Splashes mascara. I have a mini and a full sized in the waterproof and although its not the cheapest mascara, it is by far my favorite I have ever used. I love the way my lashes look when I use it, they are curled, thick, separated, and black, they are on point.



To get all of this make up off, I have still been loving my IMG_4283makeup remover from Grove Co. This one specifically is from the brand Alba Botanica. An organic and Free remover is one of the best I have found in a long time. This EXTREMELY gentle yet effective remover is tough on makeup but gentle on my eyes. It gets my waterproof make up off, and the toughest of eyeliners.


The last beauty item I have been loving is the new Secret  Outlast 24 hour deodorant. An odd item to have on this list, I must admit but IMG_4287with the hot weather here this has been on of my top sidekicks! I have it in both the gel and the solid, and both in different scents but I love them both. The gel is great for when I wear black tank tops so I don’t get the white residue on the pit of my shirt. It dries clear but keeps me smelling great all day long. The solid is great for everyday wear!

My favorite scents are the solid Clean Lavender, and the gel Paris.

What were your favorites from this month? Did you have any of the same ones that I did? I’d love to hear if you have tried any of these and what your impression was! Do you have any beauty or makeup products you think I should try?

Have a BEAUTY-full day!

[Mini] Ulta Haul

I was DYING to get the Swamp Queen eyeshadow palette from one of my favorite Youtubers, Grav3yard Girl aka Bunny. I wandered into my Ulta and was informed they didn’t get it in yet… total bummer, but that means I also saved $45 on an eyeshadow palette. I decided since I was already there, I should look around and see what they had. I quickly found items in my bag as I made my way to the check outs. But I couldn’t be happier with what I got!

I got to try some new brands, as well as some ones I was more familiar with. Got Free items as well as clearance!

IMG_4294The first thing I wanted to get was a full size Tarte- Lights, Camara, Splashes Mascara. I have a trial size that I got free when I purchased from the Tarte site a few months back. I fell in love and wanted to get a full size tube. I also got the waterproof, just because I prefer it in general.

This was $21 at Ulta

I was looking for more of the Tartest Lip Crayon, but my Ulta doesn’t carry them anymore. I asked the sales rep if they had anything similar because I like the crayon style that dries and is matte. She then introduced me to a brand that I have heard of, but never tried. Buxom.

She told me that they had twist up lip crayons, and they had a promo when you spend $30 on Boxum products and you get a free lip product. I looked around and found it very easy to spend that $30. I picked out a lip crayon in the color Barcelona, one that was very similar to my Tarte Wonder. I also looked at their eyeshadows because I was looking for a good color to use with my ELF palettes pink shades, and I settled on a shade called Lingerie Lover, a like mauve color.

I ended up meeting that $30 minimum requirement to get a free lip product and was given a liquid lipstick in the color Centerfold, a light mauvey-nude color. I was unsure at first, but applied it in the car and by the time I got home, it was dry!

Similar to other higher end brands, both the lip products have a slight mint scent and flavor, and both gave my a tingle feeling. They did both dry matte, and didn’t transfer once they did dry.

IMG_4297The last thing I picked up was a clearance bottle of Essie Nail Polish for $0.47!  This cute glitter and small sequins will be perfect for Christmas or even NYE! I will have to wear a base color because there isn’t any pigmentation to the polish, jut pure glitter.

When I got in line, it was quite long. I was next in line, and for being patient, I was given a free sample of Clinique Liquid Bronzer. I was told that I can wear it alone, or mix it in with IMG_4298my foundation to apply.

Although I didn’t get the item that I went to Ulta specifically to buy, I walked away with great purchases and I am anxiously awaiting when this shadow palette will arrive.

Have you ever tried these products? What was your first impression of them? Would you buy them again? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Have a BEAUTY-full day!

Tarte 2.0

My first purchase from Tarte was my Lip Paint, I was immediately impressed and in love with this product. I went back to see other products that Tart had available and found a few more products I am quite fond of!

The first, is the matching lip liner to the Lip Paint I got. The paint is in the shade Namaste and I got the liner in the shade Boho. The liner is a great nude color that will work great for many lipsticks, gloss, paints, tints that I have.

IMG_3773The Second product that I have is one that was FREE with this purchase, a Lip Crayon in the color Sweet. I love this crayon! Super easy to apply, a great product for everyday wear. Sweet is a light pink shade that is still very neutral! The crayon is moisturizing and extremely lightweight.

The last product I got was a cheek tint & highlight combo in the color Moonlight. Now with this, I was slightly disappointed due to the size of it. The highlight was very large, it was the entire squeeze part. Compared to the highlight, the cheek tint was TINY. It was just the rounded part on the end. Extremely unequal in portion size, I was a little annoyed. I wish the cheek tint was larger, and a lot less of the highlight.

On the plus side, both are great shades, not sticky and blend-able formulas. I do think I will obviously still wear both of them, but I was disappointed in the product.FotorCreated

What products do you like from Tarte? What did you think of the highlight/cheek tint? Were you disappointed in it too?

Have a Beauty-FULL Day!

Tarte Lip Paint

IMG_3730.jpgLiterally, just out of the package is my new Lip Paint. I have seen this all over YouTube and my go to vloggers have done reviews and so I caved and got one. My FIRST Tarte product and I am beyond excited.

Little bit about the product:

It is a cross between a gloss and a lip stick. Not as sticky as a gloss but not as dry as a lip stick. It’s not moisturizing but it feels good on the lips. I have found that if my lips are dry to begin with, putting the paint on will sometimes cause the lip paint to crack and look not attractive. I sometimes have to put chapstick on, wait about 10-15 minutes then the paint can go on and it looks great!

This style of lip paint comes in 10-14 colors depending on where you order from. The colors range from nudes, pinks, purple to red and DEEP red. Because I am not a bold lip color kind of girl, I stuck to my save zone and got the color namaste, a great nude color for everyday wear. Here is a video from one of my favorite Vloggers, you can skip to 1:23 for the start of the colors, she does talk a bit in the begining. In her video she does swatches of 10 colors, and gives her review of the product. I value her opinion and like what she has to say, while you are there check out her other beauty videos.

Another great thing about this lip paint is that is has a slight scent of mint. Not over powering but subtle enough to know it’s there!

I love my lip paint, I have worn it almost every day since I got it! Although its great product I do agree with the vlogger about some of the down sides.  The lip paint does transfer, and smudge.  I have found lip prints on my bag, coat arm and it doesn’t come off very easily. Granted I didn’t try mine with liner, but I did find myself having to reapply often. After eating or drinking, and sometimes after singing too much in the car & licking my lips

Along with my lip paint I got yet another FREE sample! With this one, I got a bronzer and blush card, another item that is not in my everyday routine, but I am excited to try them!

I have another order from Tarte on the way, but what is your favorite product from Tarte? Have you tried the lip paint? What was your first impression of the lip paint?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!


bareMinerals Packs a Punch

A familiar brand that has had infomercials for years, I have seen it in many stores, but for the first time made its way into my makeup kit. Products full of things that are great for your skin, and are light enough for everyday wear, sounded great!  IMG_3702

I looked at their website for a few days, overwhelmed by the amount of product and not knowing what to buy I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try bold lipsticks.

I am not a bold lip kind of girl, or really one that wears any sort of color on my lips. I usually stick to Chapstick and when I feel adventurous, lip gloss.

They had this great set of 5. They all can come out and be placed into the small travel case, and it also came with a brush!

Very impressed with the creaminess of all the lipsticks, and I’m in love with the colors. Maybe come fall I will be bold enough to try the darkest shade, but for now I will stick to the semi neutral shades. All of the lipsticks are removable so you can interchange which is in the small compact, great for traveling or throwing into a bag.

Wearing the lipstick is easy, they are moisturizing without being sticky. Bold colors, without having to layer on the lipstick, and it lasts… I don’t feel like I have to reapply it after a meal or taking a sip of water.Great for everyday wear, but can be dressed up for a nice event.

IMG_3703Another company that sends FREE samples with your purchase! YAY! So with this purchase I picked a 3 step face set. Something I am interested in trying, but also a little nervous due to my sensitive skin. Again I’m not sure how often they switch out the sample options, but it’s still really cool that you can try a new product for free!

Have you tried any of their mineral face products? Is there a product of theirs that is your favorite and is a must try?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!