Dr. Hauschka Review & First Impression


I recently got free samples from a woman at work. She put them in the lunch room, and told people to help themselves. Because I have so many allergies and irritations to new products, I thought I would look into this brand/company and see if A. I could use it & B. See if I liked it.

I grabbed 3 products from the pile she set on the counter. A variety of products were spilled across but these 3 seemed the most practical for me and my skin care. As I went back to my desk, I did a little more research into the company, the products themselves and I was curious to see what they retailed at.

In looking at the website & the packaging that these products and all the products in the company are completely natural. Used only the best ingredients for the skin and body. In reading the ingredients used in the products I grabbed, there was nothing that would irritate my skin (to be sure, I spot tested it on the inside of my elbow). Continue reading


Grav3yard Girl Eyeshadow Palette

I FINALLY got the Swamp Queen Grav3yard Girl eye shadow palette. (Okay, I got it a few months ago, but just got around to writing a review on it). I thought I was going to miss the launch date but I got my paws on a shadow set before they sold out. I am so happy, although it was a little more expensive than I usually spend on any type of beauty product, I think it was totally worth it!

Bunny is one of my favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube. I think she is funny, so down to earth and just real with the people that watch her. I love that most of her videos are done make-up free and her PJ’s but other times I am blown away with her makeup looks and tutorials. I was so excited that I actually got this shadow palette, I was literally freaking out in the car when I got the email saying it had launched, rushing to get home to place my order.

These shadows are PERFECT for creating smokey eyes, simple everyday looks or neutral looks. I have been wearing some sort of combination of these shadows everyday, and everyday has a new look. Even if I use the same shadow colors, there are so many variations that can be a result of these shadows.

My first impression of the colors she picked was “THESE ARE PERFECT!” I think she did a spot on job of picking colors that will literally look good with any eye shape, color, skin tone and hair color. I love that they aren’t the typical colors you see in a shadow set, but somehow that makes them even more awesome! With my brown hair and hazel eyes, I often find myself using the purple shades more than the orange, but it depends on my mood and outfit for the day!

Image result for tarte swamp queen palette

Not only do these colors have great pigmentation, I don’t have to cake it on to get my desired look and there is little to know fallout, after the first use. I love that I can create an entire face look with this one palette because Bunny added a highlight, blush and bronzer too.

When you order this set, you go get a brush, and a little card where they are pre-made looks step by step to create different looks. I have also seen some of my favorites Youtubers review this, Leighann , Kandee & Bunny herself. I love watching how these girls apply these look, (mainly because they know what they are doing) & review one of their friends collaborations.

My favorite shadows from this palette are: Mancat, Uncommon, #SFS. I love the combination of matte & glitter shadows that are given perfect for creating a look for any person for any occasion.

Image result for swamp queen eyeshadow palette Swatches

Did you get this palette? What did you think of it when you first used it? Do you think its worth the money?

Glossybox {July} 2.0

I’m not entirely sure why I keep getting these boxes, but this is the second box I have gotten since I have canceled my subscription and I haven’t been charged for… again I’m not mad about it, but feel slightly guilty that I am getting entirely free products. But still, I have tired them out and here is my first impression/reviews :0)

I liked the variety in this box.

NUXE Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse: Unfortunately, I am allergic to this oil, but I was able to pass it on to a friend. This single oil can be used in your hair or on your body. A beautiful glass bottle and great sample size, I was bummed I couldn’t use it.

fango ESSENZIALI MOISTURIZE Treatment Sheet Mask: I love getting face masks, especially ones that help moisturize, these are great to collect and use during winter. This one, similar to one I got in the other box are great sheet masks that leave my skin feeling great.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist: I have yet to try this and see if it works. But it is spray that you use after you’ve painted your nails, and it helps them dry faster. This is my second can I have received from these boxes, so one will get passed on to a nail polish lover friend. I hope this does work, because I am so inpatient when it comes to waiting for my polish to dry.

GLOV Glov Quick Treat: This is a little microfiber finger cover that is used to help get makeup off. I have tried using this both in and out of the shower and all it does is give me raccoon eyes. I have tried it plain and with makeup remover and although I love the idea of it, it just doesn’t work for me.

EYEKO FAT STICK in Satin: This is going to be a great little product for traveling. A light shimmer in the shadow, perfect for when you go out for a nice dinner. A single stick gives you shadow and shimmer. I have also used this on the lower lash line to help smoke out a smokey eye.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lip Stick- Chihuahua: This little guy has also made its way into my travel bag. A mauve nude shade is perfect for anyone. I love how easy it is to apply, and how great it feels on my lips. Its not drying, and doesn’t crumble. I do feel like some of the product gets lost in the applicator felt tip.

The last of my Glossy boxes, and let me say I’m not mad about it. Although I got a lot of great products from brands that I have never tried or even heard of, great products and worth the price. I like that I can try out ones that I have been looking at, just not wanting to pay the retail price for.

What do you think of Glossy Box? Have you tried or do you use any of these products? Do you think Glossy box is worth the price?


Boxycharm {Unboxing}

A very late unboxing, but better than never. I got this box back in June, but with all the Glossy boxes, this one slipped through the cracks of blog world.

This is another monthly subscription box that is $21 a month, and you get 5-6 items in it. This box was my first from them, and so I was excited to see what I got inside. Because I was no stranger to subscription boxes, I had high hopes for this one because it was more expensive than Ipsy and Birchbox.


Referral Code: https://boxycharm.com/refer/Jacki-RNKBUCNE

With Boxycharm you earn charms and you can redeem them for either money towards a purchase or box, or free shipping. This box wasn’t bad, although I wasn’t familiar with any of the brands, I thought it was worth the money spent. In my box I got 5 items:

Girlatik Beauty- Precise Eyeliner Marker: This is one of the better eyeliner markers I have tried. The felt tip stays full of product that gives me a great line. This does dry fairly quick and can smudge fairly easily. It does have good pigmentation and is very easy to use.

Cougar Mineral Face & Body Shimmer- Diamond Kiss: This is one of those products that takes a special person to appreciate. This YELLOW shimmer powder is just like it sounds, its got a good deal of shimmer. I’m not sure how much use this will get in my collection, but it was an interesting item at least.

Farmacy Gel Masks- Hydrading: These are GREAT and the fact that I got 3 individual masks was even better. These are organic face gel masks that feel and make my skin look great. I think this brand might be looking into.

OFRA Pressed Powder- Oil Control: This is another product that I’m not sure will get much use. I tried using it for baking, but it didn’t release enough powder to do so.

LUV Nail Polish- Powder Blue: This one (not pictured) is a great nail polish. A single coat was enough to cover my nails and give me great pigmentation. I wouldn’t have picked this color out from the store but I love that I got it as a sample.

Overall, I think this was an okay box, maybe perfect for a more experienced makeup or beauty person. But some of the products for me aren’t going to get use, but they may get passed on to friends that will use them.

Are you subscribed to Boxycharm? What do you think of the boxes you’ve gotten? Have you gotten anything really great in a box?

Mascara Review [Top 5]

With all the subscription boxes, and peeked interests in both drugstore and high end mascaras, I thought I would rate, review and give you my favorites. I have been through a lot of tubes of mascara in the last few months, and here are my TOP 10.

IMG_4286Tarte Lights Camera Lashes: This has become one of my all time favorite mascaras. Not only do I get all the things from one coat, lift, curl, jet black, no clumps, volume and great looking lashes. I get the most compliments and comments in general when I use this mascara. It is a little on the spendy side, and you do have to get it from like Ulta or Sephora. and It is $21 bucks a pop. But my mini travel sized one has lasted me a while, especially because it only takes one coat.

Cover Girl Flamed Out: This is a great drug store mascara, that I have talked about in my favorites. The unique wand really allows me to reach both the very inside corner lashes, and the outer winged lashes. This is a cheap, but powerful item to keep in your make up bag. Although I usually needed a few coats to get my desired look, I was still very impressed with this product. This will be a repurchase most definitely.

Too Faced Better than Sex: Another GREAT, but expensive mascara. This puppy is $23. And again, you have to get it from either and Ulta or Sephora, or online. This magical wand does wonders for my lashes. The criss-cross of the bristles really grabs my lashes and lifts them up to the sky. This is one that I really like to wear with a bolder look, not my everyday look because of the volume I get from it.

IMG_4306Benefit They’re Real: I recently picked up a “Beauty Blogger” set from Benefit that contained their mascara, both in black and brown, their eyeliner, and their makeup remover. For my birthday, Ulta gave me a trial size of the lash primer. Together I had a great set of weapons. Between the lash primer really giving my lashes a boost, the unique liner that gets right at the roots of my lashes, and the mascara that separates, curls and darkens the color, I really do look like I’ve got fake lashes on. The separation, yet boldness of my lashes is crazy, but perfect for when I don’t feel like gluing on fake lashes.

Ulta Voluptuous Volume: Although this is a product unique to Ulta, I will use this time and time again. This is definitely my go to mascara for an everyday look. Although this mascara doesn’t give me drastic looking lashes, it does give me a great lift and some volume. I don’t have clumpy spider lashes, but aren’t skinny Minnie’s either.


What are your favorite mascaras? Did yours make my list? I’d love to hear what you have tried and liked!


Benefit- they’re Real [First impression]

I love to try products before I spend a fortune on them, and this was one of those times I was thankful I did.I got this set ofIMG_4306 sample sizes for a great price. Although they are great products they definitely took some getting used to.

It started when I got the they’re Real lash primer from Ulta as my birthday gift. A product that seems semi pointless, and not really worth it. I don’t think it does anything different than a basic coat of mascara.

But in window shopping at Sephora, and I saw this sample pack I decided to give the other products a try. This set comes with two mascaras, one in black and one in brown. Their unique rubber angle tip eyeliner, and a sample of their makeup remover.

Primer: The lash primer to me in general is a goofy product. I don’t get how it is any different than a mascara. This on I got for free from Ulta as my birthday gift. I have tried it a few times under a variety of mascaras and never really noticed a difference. It wasn’t until I got the matching mascara that I did notice a change.

For me & my lashes, this primer gets my lashes separated but begins to get them lifted and curled. I have decent lashes to begin with, but with the primer, I notice that my lashes practically touch my eyebrow.

Mascara: The mascara itself is great. I love trying new formulas with a variety in wand styles. These wands have a spike ball type tip that really allows me to get the inner and outer corner lashes. With the primer, my lashes look full, lifted, curled and like fake lashes.

With the mascara alone, I still get a great look, just not as much volume as I do when I use the primer with it. I prefer the black mascara just because my lashes are black to begin with, so it feels funny to put brown mascara on my black lashes.

Eyeliner: This was definitely the most unique eyeliner I have ever tried. It has a rubber angled tip that liquid liner gets twisted up into to create the perfect line. Now let me say, I have tried to use it over and over and I still haven’t mastered how to use it, but I have gotten good enough where it looks half way decent.

Although I’m not sure if this is a waterproof mascara, I will say that it was one of the most difficult liners to get off. Even just swatching it on my hand it took several washes and finally makeup remover and scrubbing to get the black lines off my hand.

Image result for benefit they're real linerImage result for benefit they're real liner

Make-UP remover: Bummed about this product, I did have a slight irritation to it, and because I would use it on my eyes, I passed it along to a friend. I have ones that I am not allergic to that I will stick with. I did like the small travel size of it though.


Have you ever tried these products? Are they worth buying in the full size? What do you think of the unique liner?

I’d love to hear what you think! Have a BEAUTY-full day!

Dr. Jart+ Skin Care Review

I recently picked up 2 single use skin care products from the brand Dr. Jart+. Both of the products were meant to clean out and shrink pores. Something I am always on the hunt for. I have tried many products that don’t always see to work as well as I’d hope.

I have seen a few people on YouTube use this brand and they have said good things about it. Before I purchased these products, I did look up some reviews on Influencer (an app that rewards you for writing reviews, asking questions and other things about beauty products) as well as look up the ingredients to make sure they weren’t going to irritate my skin.

The two that I got were a charcoal sheet mask, and a two step pore strip and cooling strip.IMG_4344.jpg

I did the Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask first. First impression was that I liked it at first. It felt cooling on my face, and I did feel an initial tingle where I knew I had some acne. The directions said to leave it on for 15 minutes and rub the remaining solution into your face. After 5 minutes or so, the mask started sliding down my face. There was so much product on the mask that it didn’t say on my face, even when I laid my head back to keep it on, it slid off the side. Maybe I have a small face or put the wrong side against my skin. Like I mentioned I had a tingle feeling in the beginning, but back of the packaging said “This soothing sheet mask purifies pore and removes excess sebum without irritation”. A Let me tell you what, not only did it NOT remove the sebum on my face, it actually DID irritate the pimples I have.

I saw no improvement after this mask, and I don’t think its worth the $7.50 you pay for ONE mask. Over all I give this mask a two out of 5. The mask did feel good and was cooling, but as far as results, I didn’t see any.

The next product I tried was the Pore Master Patch 2 step system.  I was no stranger to pore strips and I always have high hopes for them to clean out my pores perfectly. But for $7.50, again I was disappointed. This two step system starts with your basic dry pore strip. You place it over you nose, wait for it to dry and then peal it off. Again maybe I did it wrong, but this pore strip was less than impressive, I get more cleaned pores from my Biore strips that are much cheaper. Although it did clean out some of my pores, I was expecting better results.

Step two of this process is a cooling strip. Same concept but it has a solution that helps reduce redness as well as close pores. Again this one had so much product on it that it didn’t seem to stay on my face.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with these, and please let me know if I used them wrong. Maybe I should have used them in reverse order, and would have seen better results. Give me your input and let me know if you have tried these and what your first impression was.

Sephora Haul

The thing I love most about wondering through Sephora is that I always discover new products, find good deals on products I already love, and walk away with new samples. I recently was wondering around, looking again for the Swamp Queen Eyeshadow Palette, and again no luck. But I was there and decided to look.

IMG_4306I was looking as some new brands and some old brands, always on the hunt for a deal. I stumbled across another “Beauty Blogger” type box, were one brand will give you smaller sizes of a few of their products in one box for you try. This one was from the brand Benefit. This pack came with:

A Make-UP remover

They’re REAL Mascara- Black & Brown

Push UP Liner

I also got a tips and tricks pack that just gave me tips on using these products.

The other great thing about shopping Sephora is you get FREE samples both online as well as in-store. The ones I got with my in-store purchase are the Sephora Brand- Instant Moisture Cream & the First-Aid-Beauty brand Ultra Repair Cream.

IMG_4315When I was leaving the store I came across some skin care products that looked interesting but because of my sensitivity I wanted to do more research on them before I bought them.
I ended up finding that they would be great for my skin, and did an online purchase.

Dr. Jart + was the skin care that I tried. I went with their pore minimizing products to put them to the test. I am a long time user of Biore pore strips and just one of these single use packets is the price of an entire box of Biore. So I put these to the test. Check out my review of these here.

IMG_4316The other product I ordered was another “sample box” I guess of Tarte Skincare  Rainforest of the Sea. These were 3 (very small) samples from this skin care line. the 3 items were:

– 0.338 oz Marine Boosting Mist
– 0.25 oz Deep Dive Cleansing Gel
– 0.24 oz Drink H2O Hydrating Boost

From my first impression these are going to be really hydrating products. The gel immediately melted into my skin and left my skin soft and hydrated. I will do a full review when I use up some of my other skin care, so stay tuned!

I did also get to choose a sample from the online purchase. They had a promo code for a Hair Care product from Living Proof a frizz eliminating Nourishing oil. Because I used this promo code, I didn’t get to pick other samples, or I didn’t do it right because this was the only sample I received.

What are your favorite products to get from Sephora? Have you ever tried the Benefit or Tarte “sample boxes” I got”?

Stay tuned for reviews of the products I got from this haul!

[Mini] Ulta Haul

I was DYING to get the Swamp Queen eyeshadow palette from one of my favorite Youtubers, Grav3yard Girl aka Bunny. I wandered into my Ulta and was informed they didn’t get it in yet… total bummer, but that means I also saved $45 on an eyeshadow palette. I decided since I was already there, I should look around and see what they had. I quickly found items in my bag as I made my way to the check outs. But I couldn’t be happier with what I got!

I got to try some new brands, as well as some ones I was more familiar with. Got Free items as well as clearance!

IMG_4294The first thing I wanted to get was a full size Tarte- Lights, Camara, Splashes Mascara. I have a trial size that I got free when I purchased from the Tarte site a few months back. I fell in love and wanted to get a full size tube. I also got the waterproof, just because I prefer it in general.

This was $21 at Ulta

I was looking for more of the Tartest Lip Crayon, but my Ulta doesn’t carry them anymore. I asked the sales rep if they had anything similar because I like the crayon style that dries and is matte. She then introduced me to a brand that I have heard of, but never tried. Buxom.

She told me that they had twist up lip crayons, and they had a promo when you spend $30 on Boxum products and you get a free lip product. I looked around and found it very easy to spend that $30. I picked out a lip crayon in the color Barcelona, one that was very similar to my Tarte Wonder. I also looked at their eyeshadows because I was looking for a good color to use with my ELF palettes pink shades, and I settled on a shade called Lingerie Lover, a like mauve color.

I ended up meeting that $30 minimum requirement to get a free lip product and was given a liquid lipstick in the color Centerfold, a light mauvey-nude color. I was unsure at first, but applied it in the car and by the time I got home, it was dry!

Similar to other higher end brands, both the lip products have a slight mint scent and flavor, and both gave my a tingle feeling. They did both dry matte, and didn’t transfer once they did dry.

IMG_4297The last thing I picked up was a clearance bottle of Essie Nail Polish for $0.47!  This cute glitter and small sequins will be perfect for Christmas or even NYE! I will have to wear a base color because there isn’t any pigmentation to the polish, jut pure glitter.

When I got in line, it was quite long. I was next in line, and for being patient, I was given a free sample of Clinique Liquid Bronzer. I was told that I can wear it alone, or mix it in with IMG_4298my foundation to apply.

Although I didn’t get the item that I went to Ulta specifically to buy, I walked away with great purchases and I am anxiously awaiting when this shadow palette will arrive.

Have you ever tried these products? What was your first impression of them? Would you buy them again? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Have a BEAUTY-full day!

Urban Decay

IMG_3819.JPGUrban Decay is a company that I have dreamed about owning for a LONG time! I love all of the Naked palettes, and have been looking at them for a years. I signed up for their UD Junkie program; a program that lets you earn points that can be redeemed for dollars towards a purchase.

I have been using these products for a few weeks and I can’t get enough of them! I wear the eyeliner everyday! It is so easy to apply and lasts all day long! It doesn’t smudge but is still easy to get off at the end of the day.

The Naked Basics eyeshadows are great for everyday wear. I love that they are easy to mix and match and its simple to create multiple looks with just a few colors. It is a nice compact set that I can just throw in my bag and create a different look for going out later or a quick touch up.

With my purchase, I got a “Deluxe” sample of the Perversion mascara. I have to say that after being ecstatic with the eyeshadow and the eyeliner I had high expectations for this mascara. I saw it in the box, and honestly thought they forgot to send the actual product. It was the smallest sample I had received and I have been ordering a lot of different products from multiple companies and this was by far the smallest. Because it was advertised as a Deluxe sample, I imagined I would have been able to use it a few times before I could form an opinion. This sample was so small I barely got ONE use out of it. The product didn’t even cover the entire wand. I had to keep moving the product off the wand, try to put it back on the wand in an empty spot just so that I could coat my lashes.

I sent a complaint to the company and simply got a “We’re sorry, that’s the size we give” email.

Overall I think I will purchase from Urban Decay again, but hopefully they will have other options and better options for their free samples!

What do you think of Urban Decay? Do you have any of their products and would recommend any? Is there anything you DON’T like about this company?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!