Simple Hair Styles [Short Hair]

I have never had very long hair. It is currently the longest it has ever been and it only reaches just past my shoulders. I love short hair, it is easy to take care of and style. As I have let it grow out, I have had to get a bit more creative with my styles in order to keep it out of my face. I use only a handful of styles because I am hair challenged, and struggle with braids, curls and doing anything creative on my right side. Check out some of my go-to hair styles that are quick, simple and cute! Continue reading


Empties & Repurchases

I have never done an empties post, and part of that is because I am horrible at actually finishing a product. With receiving so many subscription boxes I often find a product I like and then as soon as the next box comes I switch to the new one. I recently discovered that I was finishing off several of my products & finding myself heading back to the store to buy more. Continue reading

{Sidekicks} April

April was another crazy month for me- full of dog sitting & vacation! But I had a great collection of sidekicks to help me get through the month! I also cut off about 4 inches of hair this month so I had to discover new products to help me style my new do. Living out of a make-up bag, you really do depend on only what you brought with you and most of those products have made it into my list this month! So lets get right into my sidekicks! Continue reading

Snapshots: April

I have so many fun snapshots to share with you this month! So many great memories from our vacations, cute Polaroids from my new camera and a whole lot of fun! April was such a busy month for me between dog sitting, getting ready for vacation and just summer on its way! Here are a few snapshots from April! I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

FabFitFun {Spring} Unboxing

FullSizeRenderI love getting these boxes when I can. Opening them is like Christmas! I not only enjoy the surprise but I enjoy the variety of products you get. Everything from make-up, hair care, fitness, accessories you literally get it all.

I saw a sneak peek of this box in Instagram and honestly that is what gave me the desire to buy this one. I go back and forth with these because although they are a GREAT value for your money, sometimes I get items I don’t and won’t use. Continue reading

Sidekicks {January}

I can’t believe January has already come and gone! What a wild month. I have several favorites this month, so without further ado, lets get to my sidekicks for the month of January!

I was out of town for a weekend, as well as away dog sitting for a week so I was living off just what I packed with me. That makes it hard because if you end up not liking the shade of eyeliner or the mascara you brought is dried out. Living out of a makeup bag really makes your grateful to be back home 🙂 Continue reading

BirchBox {December}

Another BirchBox- Another review. I have mixed feelings about the products I got this month. Some of them I am really excited to use, other I’m kind of indifferent about. I was reading the reviews of people who have tried the products and some of the reviews turned me away from wanting to use them. But let’s get to the products: Continue reading

Loving the Locks

Standing in the hair care aisle, jaw on the floor, staring at all the possibilities and confusion is all that’s running through my head. I hate picking out shampoo and conditioner because I have YET to find one that I absolutely adore. I like to wear my hair short, Asymmetrical, A-line bob, to be exact. I don’t have thin hair, but I don’t necessarily have thick hair either.

Many products have been through my hair, and some gave me an allergic reaction, due to my sensitive and goofy skin allergies, and others have weighed my hair down. Some give my hair a tremendous amount of volume, but at the end of the day leave my hair oily, and others tend to dry out my hair, resulting in flat and blah looking hair.

I have tried everything from the gross smelling medicated stuff, to the cheap $0.89 stuff from Wal-Mart, all the way to the expensive and nothing has made my hair smile.

I have to say the best, so far, product that I have tried is the Acure Clarifying shampoo and conditioner. I have only been using it for about a month or so, and I can already tell a huge difference in my hair.

Continue reading