Simple Hair Styles [Short Hair]

I have never had very long hair. It is currently the longest it has ever been and it only reaches just past my shoulders. I love short hair, it is easy to take care of and style. As I have let it grow out, I have had to get a bit more creative with my styles in order to keep it out of my face. I use only a handful of styles because I am hair challenged, and struggle with braids, curls and doing anything creative on my right side. Check out some of my go-to hair styles that are quick, simple and cute! Continue reading


Nail Polish Favorites: Fall Edition

Like most girls I have quite the collection of nail polish. Most every shade of pink, a few reds and purples, the random neon shades and a handful of neutrals. Some how they just accumulate and before I know it I am up to my ears in bottles of nail polish.

I love the relaxing nature of painting my nails or getting my nails painted. Something about the experience is a huge stress reliever. Although the polish never lasts as long as I hope, it’s still something I find myself doing on a weekly basis. Continue reading

Grav3yard Girl Eyeshadow Palette

I FINALLY got the Swamp Queen Grav3yard Girl eye shadow palette. (Okay, I got it a few months ago, but just got around to writing a review on it). I thought I was going to miss the launch date but I got my paws on a shadow set before they sold out. I am so happy, although it was a little more expensive than I usually spend on any type of beauty product, I think it was totally worth it!

Bunny is one of my favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube. I think she is funny, so down to earth and just real with the people that watch her. I love that most of her videos are done make-up free and her PJ’s but other times I am blown away with her makeup looks and tutorials. I was so excited that I actually got this shadow palette, I was literally freaking out in the car when I got the email saying it had launched, rushing to get home to place my order.

These shadows are PERFECT for creating smokey eyes, simple everyday looks or neutral looks. I have been wearing some sort of combination of these shadows everyday, and everyday has a new look. Even if I use the same shadow colors, there are so many variations that can be a result of these shadows.

My first impression of the colors she picked was “THESE ARE PERFECT!” I think she did a spot on job of picking colors that will literally look good with any eye shape, color, skin tone and hair color. I love that they aren’t the typical colors you see in a shadow set, but somehow that makes them even more awesome! With my brown hair and hazel eyes, I often find myself using the purple shades more than the orange, but it depends on my mood and outfit for the day!

Image result for tarte swamp queen palette

Not only do these colors have great pigmentation, I don’t have to cake it on to get my desired look and there is little to know fallout, after the first use. I love that I can create an entire face look with this one palette because Bunny added a highlight, blush and bronzer too.

When you order this set, you go get a brush, and a little card where they are pre-made looks step by step to create different looks. I have also seen some of my favorites Youtubers review this, Leighann , Kandee & Bunny herself. I love watching how these girls apply these look, (mainly because they know what they are doing) & review one of their friends collaborations.

My favorite shadows from this palette are: Mancat, Uncommon, #SFS. I love the combination of matte & glitter shadows that are given perfect for creating a look for any person for any occasion.

Image result for swamp queen eyeshadow palette Swatches

Did you get this palette? What did you think of it when you first used it? Do you think its worth the money?

ELF Look

IMG_4115.jpgWith my recent ELF Haul I was playing with a few different looks and I loved the look I created with my new products!

A great light weight and natural look great for summer.

I used my new eyeshadow palette called Mad for Matte, my new foundation, the jet black eyeliner and a bunch of new brushes.

To get this look, keep reading & let me know what you think.



Continue reading

Brown Smokey Eye {UD Naked Palette}

I have talked a few times about how much I love my Urban Decay- Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow Palette. And so I thought I would show you guys my favorite way to wear these shadows. This definitely isn’t an everyday look for me, because of my pale skin, it can sometimes look out of place or way to dark for my whiter than white face :0)

Photo on 5-16-16 at 8.13 PM

Before I start, I do use my Urban Decay Potion Eyelid Primer. This really does make a difference in reducing if not eliminating creasing, smudging and keeping everything in place all day or night. This also gives the shadows something to stick to, sometimes I have oily eyelids (sometimes dry) and shadow just doesn’t want to hold on.

I also tight-line with a charcoal liner before I start. This just helps fill in the space in between my lashes.  When I put on my mascara, I hate to see empty spaces in my lashes :0) Personal preference. My current favorite charcoal liner is also from Urban Decay- it is their Easy Glide charcoal crayon liner.

Now for the shadow itself. I am using the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette. This is a smaller palette than the normal Naked, but any set of brown eye shadows will work for this look!

Urban Decay Naked.jpgTo start I apply #2 Stark as a base. This just helps the other shadows go on easier when there is a simple coat on the lid. This will also help the other shades show up better without as many layers.

To begin building the smokiness I apply # 5 Primal all over my lid- inner corner to outer corner, lash line up to my crease; using ELF’s eye shadow brush. Sometimes this takes a few coats to get my desired darkness but using this brush helps me put on more product in a single coat.

Once I get a basic coat of the brown I then take #6 Undone and apply it just to the outer corner of my eyes using ELF’s angled shadow brush. This helps give that smokey effect. I then take a clean brush and blend the dark Undone color and blend it into my crease.This helps bring all the colors together, and eliminating harsh separation in the shadows.

I then take #1 Skimp and apply it to the to the inner corner of my eye and blend it into the center of my eye. This just helps brighten it up, and by blending it into the other colors, again helps make it look more natural.

Once I have the desired look, I take a jet black liquid eyeliner and create a nice wined liner.  My favorite Jet Black Liner is from ELF. I am a fan of the brush tips over the felt ones, and the fine brush from ELF allows me to make a precise line and wing. Sometimes if I don’t want the harshness of the black liner in my brown smokey eye, I will use ELF’s brown liquid liner. I finish the look off with a few coats of mascara and a nice light lip.

What do you think? What’s your favorite way to wear these shades? Do you have a look similar to this?