Snapshots: March

March is flying by! I can’t believe we are already getting into April! What a fun month! I got to celebrate my birthday with close friends and family! I have really started to bog down on a quiet time routine as well as a workout routine and I can’t wait to go on this trip we have been planning! Let’s get into my snapshots from March!

If you are new to my snapshots post here is a little bit about what they are about! Snapshots are where I share some of the moments that took place this past month. Some ended up on Instagram and some didn’t, but it gives y’all a look behind into the life behind the blog 🙂

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FabFitFun: Fall Box 2016

Like most people I love a good deal! I had seen a friend post about how great the Fall FFF box was, the awesome products inside and how they got a steal of a deal. I had ordered the Spring 2016 box, and although it was exciting, I didn’t have $50 to put towards it 4 times a year. So I did some digging, and I ended up getting this Fall 2016 box for only $29.99!

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Birchbox {September}

Because I am a sucker for a good deal, I bought a single month box from Birchbox. With the intentions to cancel after getting just one box I couldn’t pass up the deal this good. I was on Swagbucks looking for a way to get some extra buck, when I found a deal too good to be true. Not only did I get 680 SB, but Birchbox was also running a promo that gave you a FREE item in your box! Continue reading

Dr. Hauschka Review & First Impression


I recently got free samples from a woman at work. She put them in the lunch room, and told people to help themselves. Because I have so many allergies and irritations to new products, I thought I would look into this brand/company and see if A. I could use it & B. See if I liked it.

I grabbed 3 products from the pile she set on the counter. A variety of products were spilled across but these 3 seemed the most practical for me and my skin care. As I went back to my desk, I did a little more research into the company, the products themselves and I was curious to see what they retailed at.

In looking at the website & the packaging that these products and all the products in the company are completely natural. Used only the best ingredients for the skin and body. In reading the ingredients used in the products I grabbed, there was nothing that would irritate my skin (to be sure, I spot tested it on the inside of my elbow). Continue reading

[Mini] Ulta Haul

I was DYING to get the Swamp Queen eyeshadow palette from one of my favorite Youtubers, Grav3yard Girl aka Bunny. I wandered into my Ulta and was informed they didn’t get it in yet… total bummer, but that means I also saved $45 on an eyeshadow palette. I decided since I was already there, I should look around and see what they had. I quickly found items in my bag as I made my way to the check outs. But I couldn’t be happier with what I got!

I got to try some new brands, as well as some ones I was more familiar with. Got Free items as well as clearance!

IMG_4294The first thing I wanted to get was a full size Tarte- Lights, Camara, Splashes Mascara. I have a trial size that I got free when I purchased from the Tarte site a few months back. I fell in love and wanted to get a full size tube. I also got the waterproof, just because I prefer it in general.

This was $21 at Ulta

I was looking for more of the Tartest Lip Crayon, but my Ulta doesn’t carry them anymore. I asked the sales rep if they had anything similar because I like the crayon style that dries and is matte. She then introduced me to a brand that I have heard of, but never tried. Buxom.

She told me that they had twist up lip crayons, and they had a promo when you spend $30 on Boxum products and you get a free lip product. I looked around and found it very easy to spend that $30. I picked out a lip crayon in the color Barcelona, one that was very similar to my Tarte Wonder. I also looked at their eyeshadows because I was looking for a good color to use with my ELF palettes pink shades, and I settled on a shade called Lingerie Lover, a like mauve color.

I ended up meeting that $30 minimum requirement to get a free lip product and was given a liquid lipstick in the color Centerfold, a light mauvey-nude color. I was unsure at first, but applied it in the car and by the time I got home, it was dry!

Similar to other higher end brands, both the lip products have a slight mint scent and flavor, and both gave my a tingle feeling. They did both dry matte, and didn’t transfer once they did dry.

IMG_4297The last thing I picked up was a clearance bottle of Essie Nail Polish for $0.47!  This cute glitter and small sequins will be perfect for Christmas or even NYE! I will have to wear a base color because there isn’t any pigmentation to the polish, jut pure glitter.

When I got in line, it was quite long. I was next in line, and for being patient, I was given a free sample of Clinique Liquid Bronzer. I was told that I can wear it alone, or mix it in with IMG_4298my foundation to apply.

Although I didn’t get the item that I went to Ulta specifically to buy, I walked away with great purchases and I am anxiously awaiting when this shadow palette will arrive.

Have you ever tried these products? What was your first impression of them? Would you buy them again? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Have a BEAUTY-full day!

Subscription Boxes [Insider tips]

I recently came across a website that is literally all about these monthly subscription boxes. I was aware of some of them, obviously, but others I was totally caught by surprised by. This website not only has beauty boxes, but food, clothing & even boxes for pets!

Subscription Box Ramblings 

I started looking through the list, and some I recognized, and some I have even subscribed to. But most of the list I had never heard of. I really like getting beauty boxes because I know that I will use the products. Food boxes are hard to for to imagine me liking. I am very picky with my food, and although I like the idea of a snack box, or a dinner prep type box I don’t think it is worth the money for me.

But the more I looked at her site the more hidden treasures I found.

She has  a whole list of FREE Boxes! Yup, free. And they vary as far as what the products are. Some of them are the ones that you do have to pay Shipping and Handling, but to try out some great products, that’s not a bad deal. Some of the companies on her list are ones that I have already mentioned like the two great offers from the Honest Company, the baby products and their beauty products.

I might just have to check out a few of the other boxes she listed. It is important to ready about these boxes before you sign up for a bunch. Many of them are monthly/ quarterly subscription boxes, and if you don’t cancel your account before the next process date you can be charged for another box. Sometimes that is great, when you want to keep getting boxes from them, but if you don’t like the products you received, and forget to cancel or skip you can’t always get a refund.

The other list that I LOVED was the different beauty boxes. There are so many on this list that I have never heard of, or ones like Target & Walmart that I can never find the links to the boxes. I have tried a few on the list, but others are on my list of ones to try. The great thing about this site is not only is the price of the box provided, but she also has the links to where you can sign up.

When looking at boxes, or when debating if you should sign up, look to see if the company has a rewards program. What I mean is can you accumulate points and redeem them for free stuff? Many do, at least the beauty ones I have tried do. How it works will vary depending on the company, but many of them will give you points when you:

A. Sign up or subscribe
B. Every box you get you can get points
C. Reviewing the products: this is a win-win, you review the products and can get points, but it also tell the creators of the boxes what products to use, ones not to use and your opinion.
D. Referring a Friend: Many of these companies will give you a personal referral code that you can give to friends and when they use that link, sign up and order something, you then get rewarded.

Here are some of my other tips:

  1. Check and see how often you will get boxes, and really look at what you are paying compared to the retail value. Sometimes you aren’t getting a SUPER good deal.
  2.  A. See if you can look at your box a head of time and customize it. I know a few beauty boxes offer this. Before your box actually ships, you can remove and add items.
    B. See if you can skip months/ payments: Sometimes money might be tight or you simply don’t like any of the products featured for that month. Some companies will allow you to “skip” that month. You won’t get charged, but also won’t get products.
  3. How easy is it to cancel? Some companies, I have just found it SO ANNOYING to cancel… you have to call and talk to someone, they will try to talk you out of it, offer you different deals, then you have to wait for a confirmation email and its just a hassle. Some companies, (bless their hearts) allow you to cancel right online through your account.
  4. Keep track of what boxes you are subscribed to, and when they process payment. I love getting these but limit myself to a few a month, and when I cancel one, I can then add another. I would hate to have too many going and be getting charged for a million boxes.
  5. Watch for sneak peeks: I usually get these from YouTubers, but some of the boxes websites will give you a look too. If you want to see what is in the box before you order, this is a great way to determine if you want the box or not. Other companies like Ipsy its totally customized to you. Each bag is unique.

What are your favorite subscription boxes to get? Did yours make her list? I’d love to hear why a specific box is your favorite, or which ones you don’t think are worth the money.






I love E.L.F. products! Love is an understatement actually. I have practically all their products and I just can’t get enough of them! I have used them for years, and will keep using E.L.F. until they stop making products.

If you aren’t familiar with E.L.F. it stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. They have SUPER cheap but good quality products. They have two different lines so to speak, they have just a basic line where most of the products range in price from about $1-3 a piece! You can’t get better than that! But their second line is called their “Studio” Line, these products range in price from about $6-10 but have some cheaper ones too!

I recently saw a video from some of my favorite Youtubers Eleventhgorgeous. They featured a  Mad for Matte eyeshadow palette fro E.L.F. that had some GREAT shades in it. I immediately went online and found the same palette. In the suggested purchases it had a second palette, Need it Nude, yet another one with GREAT looking shadows. They do have a third palette called Everyday Smokey, but with my pale skin tone, I have a hard time pulling off such a dark eye, therefore I passed on those.

I ordered these two palettes from E.L.F.’s site because they were offering a FREE $17 item with a $25 dollar purchase, and I also got FREE shipping. After I placed my order, I then got a coupon for $5 off my next purchase.


Now onto the products themselves:

Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette- A great set of neutral colors that can be used in different ways to create so many different looks! I did notice that it takes a few layers for the lighter shadows to show up, so you do have to build them quite a bit.IMG_4087

Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette- A shimmery set of shadows that are great for going out kind of looks. When using the shades with a shimmer to them (compared to the matte ones) there was quite a bit of fallout.IMG_4088

The FREE Items I got, were a set of 4 brushes that include: 2 blending brushes, as smudge brush and a flat eyeliner brush. I use all 4 of these to create my ELF look down below. 2 of the brushes are from the studio line (the two black brushes) and 2 are from their basic line (white & silver brushes)

FREE Jet Black Liquid Eye Liner- This is one of my favorites because of the brush and it IMG_4094dries almost instantly. The fine tip brush allows me to make a perfect line no matter how thin or how thick.

I prefer the brush tip compared to a felt tip because I also feel like it gives me more product and makes a more solid line by delivering a truer color.


IMG_4093FREE Lip Balm. Mine came in the color NUDE, a slight tint to my lips. A great little balm for summer. It also has SPF in it great for sunny days outside. I like that its small size fits easily in a bag or even my pocket.




IMG_4095A FREE Smokey Eye Shadow Palette. This cute little eyeshadow set is perfect when I don’t feel like trying to pair shadows together to create the perfect smokey eye. I Have one other shadow set from ELF and I love it! The colors are perfect and take the guess work out of creating a smokey eye.



IMG_4096A sheer high definition power. I love using this for baking my face or an all over powder. It is super light weight and comes with its own little powder puff. I have used this for years and it works great for setting liquid foundation and concealer.

Be warned, this stuff does tend to get everywere!


I also picked up two new products from Target that are also from ELF. A new foundation and a new blending brush. I love ELF foundations because they are great light coverage and all of them have SPF in them. I don’t like a full coverage because they feel too heavy on my skin. This new blending brush is going to great for contour and bronzer!

What are your favorite products from ELF? Do you have any of these? How do you wear these shadows, I’d love to see your look.

Fitness Friendzee

I recently stumbled on GREAT deals for some fitness items, and I thought I would share them with you!

I have recently cut my hair, and it is really hard to get all of my hair up for a workout. I saw on Facebook a deal where you could try a FREE headband. Because I am always curious & looking for a good deal, I checked it out and this is what I found. A brand called Vero Brava. A very decently priced company that makes headbands and hats & stands for a great purpose.

The Mission of this company is that with every headband purchased (about $15-$22 a piece) they will give one to a child diagnosed with Cancer. A company that started off small, by selling a few on Etsy, quickly grew when they offer deals like “Try before you buy” and “buy 2 get 1 free”


I took advantage of the try before you buy deal, and received a FREE black headband. To my surprise, these are extremely soft, comfortable and doesn’t seem to lose its elasticity after being worn. It came with this card that shows the ways it can be worn. Not only does it keep my hair out of my face, but it keeps my earbuds in while I move, and it stays in place!

Once I got my headband, I received an email saying they would “refund” the shipping I paid for my trial headband when I make a $20 purchase (basically getting $6 off my next purchase over $20).


The other great deal I took advantage of was Fabletics– A Kate Hudson athletic wear IMG_4047company. When you sign up, you take a quick style quiz that will pair you with styles that fit your fitness habits. Then your can pick your first outfit for just $25. Some outfits are 3 pieces, some are only 2. You can pick from “pre-made” outfits or create your own.

I did cancelled my subscription after 1 month, just to see if I liked it and how the clothes actually fit. Here is my insider tip: When you call to cancel, they try to keep you by giving you 500 points, you then can turn around and use those points to get 1 free item. You can also choose to skip a month instead of canceling, but you only have a small window of time to skip.

You can return any items that don’t fit and get a new piece, or I think you can get credit towards your next purchase.

I absolutely LOVE my outfit that I got. I was surprised how well both of my pieces fit and how good they made me feel. I am wishing I wouldn’t have cancelled so fast…

*For better pictures of the shirt, click here :0)

I got two pieces in my first “kit”. I got a tank with an open back, and of course black. I love the way that this fits, it sits a little higher which is good for me with a bigger chest. My outfit then came with a pair of black capris. These are like magic. The softest pants I have ever worn! They are a tight fit but not an uncomfortable tight. Because I am a shorty, they are a little longer on me then a capri, they are more like ankle length but I am in love with them.

After physically getting my outfit, and trying it on, I regretted canceling so soon. I did sign up again with a different email & shipping address (to get the same great deal, of course) and will just skip if I find that I am not finding anything I like. I did read in the book, that becoming a VIP does have some pretty good perks, including the accumulation of points that can be redeemed for FREE items.

Have you ever gotten Fabletics, or Vero Brava? What do you think of them? Are they worth the price in your mind?

Honest Beauty

Do you ever had those annoying pop up ads in your email homepage? I do too, but this one was worth clicking on. I have heard of the Honest Company many times, but always thought it was too expensive to try. But I was looking through my emails and noticed that they were offering a free trial!

I looked into this free trial to see if it was legit and what the offer was for. I noticed that there were two offers available- Beauty trial or a Sample of diapers and Home supplies. I was interested in both, the Beauty samples for me, and I would give the diapers and Home Supplies to my cousin who has a toddler and a baby on the way.

Honest Essentials.jpgI got the diapers and Home supplies pack first. I got to pick 6 different patterns for the diapers as well as the size I wanted. It also came with 10 wipes. The home supplies it came with body wash/shampoo, hand soap,  Laundry soap, hand and body lotion and healing balm.

The beauty one I was really excited to try.  You get to pick your skin type and they will match you to what products will be best for your skin and skin type. I have sensitive skin and so finding a company that doesn’t irritate my skin and that is moisturizing. I received this package a few days later and was really excited to see it in my mail box. IMG_3879

I got three samples in a really cute travel bag. The samples were a face cleaner, a sheer tint and a deep hydration cream. I love the way that these products smell, there is like a light lemon and lavender smell. Not only does my face feel clean and fresh but they smell it too!

The cleanser to use everyday with out irritating my skin but leaves it soft and blemish free. It is super easy to use and feels great before I got to bed. The moisturizer is very light weight and really a deep moisturizer. The sheer tint works great for a weekend look when I don’t want to wear a full face full of make up.

Both of these were free samples, all you had to do was pay $5.95 for shipping. Although both of these are great trial but if you don’t cancel your subscription you do get charged for an entire months supply :0)

Take advantage of your free trial! I love my products and am glad that I got to try them! You can use my personal referral code:

Honest Company Home Supplies & Diapers:
Honest Beauty Company :


Let me know what you think if you try either of these free trials!


FREE Make-Up [2016]

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially make-up!? And I’m not talking like cheap
Wal-Mart or Target house brands… I’m talking the HIGH END, good, expensive stuff! FREE, for your birthday! Don’t believe me?

I love hunting for great birthday rewards, some are better than others, but when I was looking around at the 2016 freebies, I noticed that I could get free make-up, from multiple companies!

Here is my list of companies that will send you or give you free stuff just for signing up with their e-mail or rewards club. Once signed up, you reap birthday rewards, along with many other great rewards!

Bare Minerals: Free Eyeliner this year was in the color Endless OrchidIMG_3895.jpg

Julep: Birthday Box- Based on your birthday month, by signing up I got a FREE personalized box (I paid $2.99 for shipping!) *This is a monthly subscription, so make sure if you just want the free box, you cancel before the next one gets charged to your card.

Use my referral code to get your first box FREE!

Sephora: Pick between their two options, I decided to do mine online, and when I looked at it, I did get to pick 3 samples, but it also required a purchase, and then charged for shipping. So in future years, Note to self: walk into the store, they don’t require a purchase but you don’t get any extra samples.

Tarte: Free Opening Act Lash Primer with purchase (+birthday gift of 20% off purchase)

Ulta: Free Roller Lash Curling Mascara from Benefit. ** My Ulta was all out, but instead of leaving me empty handed my Ulta gave me They’re Real Tinted Primer from Benefit**IMG_3910

Urban Decay: Free 24/7 Glide on Eye Crayon (with purchase of reg. price item).IMG_3819