{Sidekicks} June

We are already into the middle of summer and I can’t believe it! June was a BLAST! Between a wedding, babysitting spending time with family and friends June really was a great month. I also got to try out some new products from some brands I have been wanting to try & some products I know and love. Let’s just jump right into my sidekicks from June! Continue reading


{Sidekicks} March

March has come and gone. What a fun and crazy month! We have some spring weather here in Minnesota but those chilly winter days are still hanging on. I also got to celebrate my birthday this month which means freebies & new products to try! Check out my list of Birthday Freebies here, and lets get into my sidekicks! Continue reading

Sidekicks {February}

February was a great month! I got lots of new and great products that I can’t wait to share with you! Before I get to the products themselves- I just wanted to point out that this was a month full of finding companies and products that are giving back. Companies that give away some of their proceeds to charities of all kinds and products that are better for the environment and for myself. So with that out of the way lets get to the products! Continue reading

Big dreams, little budget

I dream of a full closet of shoes, the latest fashion, the cutest workout clothes and gym shoes in every color… but being on a tight budget doesn’t allow for a closet like that. I often scrounging the racks of a second hand store or limiting myself to the clearance section. If I really love an item that is more than my monthly shopping budget I make myself wait and save for it. After months of saving, I either still want it, or have changed my mind and can then use the money for something else.

TOM bootie.jpgI recently fell in love with a pair of Toms little booties. A great shoe company that stands for a great cause, every pair of shoes purchased there will be another one given to a child that doesn’t have any shoes. I have looked at them online, seen them all over Pinterest, and knew that they were going to be spendy. I am the type of shopaholic that once I try something on that I have had my eye on for a while, I don’t want to walk away with out it. Keeping that in mind, I saved for months before I even went to look at the shoes in person.
The day finally arrived where I saved enough to get the booties if I liked them in person. I went to the mall and before the shoe even touched my foot, I was handing over the money to buy them! The most adorable and comfortable little booties that I was determined to wear with every outfit I owned.

Staying up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting and extremely expensive. For this reason alone I shop second hand stores. You can find great name brand items for half or sometimes a quarter of the cost. My favorite go to store is Plato’s closet, a store for teens and young adults. I’m not sure what age I am too old to shop there but it depends on the styles. I can usually find great work tops or lounge clothes for cheap.

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