Mascara Review [Top 5]

With all the subscription boxes, and peeked interests in both drugstore and high end mascaras, I thought I would rate, review and give you my favorites. I have been through a lot of tubes of mascara in the last few months, and here are my TOP 10.

IMG_4286Tarte Lights Camera Lashes: This has become one of my all time favorite mascaras. Not only do I get all the things from one coat, lift, curl, jet black, no clumps, volume and great looking lashes. I get the most compliments and comments in general when I use this mascara. It is a little on the spendy side, and you do have to get it from like Ulta or Sephora. and It is $21 bucks a pop. But my mini travel sized one has lasted me a while, especially because it only takes one coat.

Cover Girl Flamed Out: This is a great drug store mascara, that I have talked about in my favorites. The unique wand really allows me to reach both the very inside corner lashes, and the outer winged lashes. This is a cheap, but powerful item to keep in your make up bag. Although I usually needed a few coats to get my desired look, I was still very impressed with this product. This will be a repurchase most definitely.

Too Faced Better than Sex: Another GREAT, but expensive mascara. This puppy is $23. And again, you have to get it from either and Ulta or Sephora, or online. This magical wand does wonders for my lashes. The criss-cross of the bristles really grabs my lashes and lifts them up to the sky. This is one that I really like to wear with a bolder look, not my everyday look because of the volume I get from it.

IMG_4306Benefit They’re Real: I recently picked up a “Beauty Blogger” set from Benefit that contained their mascara, both in black and brown, their eyeliner, and their makeup remover. For my birthday, Ulta gave me a trial size of the lash primer. Together I had a great set of weapons. Between the lash primer really giving my lashes a boost, the unique liner that gets right at the roots of my lashes, and the mascara that separates, curls and darkens the color, I really do look like I’ve got fake lashes on. The separation, yet boldness of my lashes is crazy, but perfect for when I don’t feel like gluing on fake lashes.

Ulta Voluptuous Volume: Although this is a product unique to Ulta, I will use this time and time again. This is definitely my go to mascara for an everyday look. Although this mascara doesn’t give me drastic looking lashes, it does give me a great lift and some volume. I don’t have clumpy spider lashes, but aren’t skinny Minnie’s either.


What are your favorite mascaras? Did yours make my list? I’d love to hear what you have tried and liked!



ELF Look

IMG_4115.jpgWith my recent ELF Haul I was playing with a few different looks and I loved the look I created with my new products!

A great light weight and natural look great for summer.

I used my new eyeshadow palette called Mad for Matte, my new foundation, the jet black eyeliner and a bunch of new brushes.

To get this look, keep reading & let me know what you think.



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Is there a Difference?

I usually ask myself is there really a huge difference in the actual make-up whether you pay $5 or $50? And to be honest I don’t know the answer. I have a mix of both drug store brands, high end brands and I’m not sure what category Mary-Kay falls under but I have some of that too!

Although I like some brands better than others, is it really the brand that makes the difference or just the formula? I recently have purchased a few “high end” brands (and that definition may very depending on the person as well as the budget). High end to me is the brands you find in Sephora, or the “classier” side of Ulta where you can test all the products. Normal everyday make-up, or drug store is the brands you can find at any Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s or CVS.

First difference is obviously the price. My “go-to” make-up is ELF, a cheap brand that I know I can rely on and I know that the most expensive product will still only by $6. With a great formula for my sensitive skin, it is an awesome brand. Although I can’t find it at every store, I usually have to make an extra trip to Target when I need a beauty product. Many of the high end brands have GREAT products and items that the drug store brands don’t offer, but they are often spendy and more than I’d like to spend on a single item of make-up.

Second difference was the free samples. Now, I am  a make-up newbie- I was too chicken to walk in the door of a fancy make-up retailer and browse the products I had no knowledge of… so I resorted to online. I noticed while shopping online many brands or companies will send you free samples… with EVERY purchase. Something I have never heard a store doing. Once I found a few products I was interested in, I went into Ulta to swatch them.

Bringing me to my third difference. I noticed that the eye shadow, and many of the products felt more creamy than I was used too. Some seemed to go on like a cream but once blended was more like a powder. Where as my cheap drug store brands seemed to crumble and barely get any on the brush, and having to resort to applying multiple layers to see any sort of color on my lid. The creaminess was very appealing.

Forth thing- stores like Ulta, Sephora and MAC have beauty consultants for a reason. Ask them your questions. I have extremely sensitive skin, especially around my eyes. When I was walking around being able to ask what products are made for ultra sensitive skin was awesome! Drug stores don’t have that, and I am left wondering. After asking my questions about what products/ brands would be best for my skin, they pointed me towards the more “high end” brands. Many of them are fragrance free, and great for all skin types.

The last thing that I noticed, and I guess heard, is that the high end brands tend to wear better, and are longer lasting. One thing that bugs me is the smudging of make-up but the difficulty removing waterproof.

When comparing the two, or three, I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, but would say its based off personal preference. Trial and error. I love my ck (Calvin Klein) mascara but my ELF brushes. Nyx eyeliner, Tarte lip paint.

Find what you like best. Go to your local beauty stores and try the products, ask the consultant questions, and sometimes splurge on make-up that is more expensive IF its the right choice for you and your skin.

Do you notice a difference when you are picking out make-up? What is your favorite brand?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!