Poshmark Obsession

A co-worker of mine got me completely addicted to Poshmark. A consignment app where you can sell and buy clothes, shoes, accessories & makeup! I have been totally obsessed with shopping my favorite brands as discounted prices & getting to sell my unwanted clothes before I just donate them.

This has been the best way to filter my size, brands I like and styles I know fit! It is super easy to get started. You can go online or download the app, create a new account and you can start selling or buying instantly! I had an account for a long time and for a while I didn’t post anything of my own, just used it to shop. But when I tried to sell my name brand clothes at a local consignment shop and they turned them away I immediately went to Poshmark to make a few extra bucks. Continue reading


Winter Spa Night: Samples Edition/ Review

With all the beauty subscriptions my sample bucket tends to get full, fast. I decided with the harsh winter weather here in Minnesota, it was time for a spa night, re-hydrate my skin & I was determined to try some of the samples I have been hording & give them a proper review!

I LOVE baths, for some strange reason. I love how I just melt when I hit the hot water & for it it is the perfect way to get away & relax. Check out what I used to help me relax & pamper myself for my spa night! Continue reading

SPA night {using samples}

Over the past few months I have accumulated so many samples I thought I would use them and do an at home spa night. I love to take time, usually once a week if I can, to pamper myself and treat myself to a spa night.

IMG_4122.jpgI start by taking off my make up, and getting into some comfy pjs or sweats. Right now I am loving this Rimmel London make up remover for my eyes. It is so gentle and it takes even the toughest of eye make up off. I use these Acure cleansing towels for the rest of my face. These not only take off make up but remove any dirt or impurites from my face too.

Once I have all my make up off, I then use whatever my current face wash is to wash my face, and I will sometimes use a exfoliator as well. Right now I am using my new Acure exfoliator that I have talked about in previous posts.

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Big dreams, little budget

I dream of a full closet of shoes, the latest fashion, the cutest workout clothes and gym shoes in every color… but being on a tight budget doesn’t allow for a closet like that. I often scrounging the racks of a second hand store or limiting myself to the clearance section. If I really love an item that is more than my monthly shopping budget I make myself wait and save for it. After months of saving, I either still want it, or have changed my mind and can then use the money for something else.

TOM bootie.jpgI recently fell in love with a pair of Toms little booties. A great shoe company that stands for a great cause, every pair of shoes purchased there will be another one given to a child that doesn’t have any shoes. I have looked at them online, seen them all over Pinterest, and knew that they were going to be spendy. I am the type of shopaholic that once I try something on that I have had my eye on for a while, I don’t want to walk away with out it. Keeping that in mind, I saved for months before I even went to look at the shoes in person.
The day finally arrived where I saved enough to get the booties if I liked them in person. I went to the mall and before the shoe even touched my foot, I was handing over the money to buy them! The most adorable and comfortable little booties that I was determined to wear with every outfit I owned.

Staying up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting and extremely expensive. For this reason alone I shop second hand stores. You can find great name brand items for half or sometimes a quarter of the cost. My favorite go to store is Plato’s closet, a store for teens and young adults. I’m not sure what age I am too old to shop there but it depends on the styles. I can usually find great work tops or lounge clothes for cheap.

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Beauty Rewards

I love getting free things, I mean who doesn’t. I recently signed up for a LOT of beauty site’s rewards clubs, email lists as well as to be part of the birthday rewards. It’s not quite my birthday yet, but I have been receiving benefits ALREADY from these companies.

Many send you coupons to use on your first purchase, the opportunity to get free samples with every purchase, free birthday rewards and accumulate points.

I have been ordering lots of new products, as you can probably tell from my posts. I wouldn’t have been able to try many of these products if it wasn’t for the coupons I got. Here are some of my favorite sites and the things they have to offer.

bareMinerals: Signing up for email subscription to bareMinerals, you get a free eye color with your first purchase.

Benefit: By subscribing to this company, you get free shipping on your first order as well as free samples with every purchase! As far birthday rewards, they do offer Deluxe samples with a purchase of $25 or more.

Bobbi Brown: Another company that gives 15% off the first order!

E.L.F: Free shipping on your first purchase and there is no minimum compared to MANY other companies. It does also look like you get credits for purchases. I have only recently signed up.

IT Cosmetics: Receive 10% off your first order as well as email coupons and special sale invitations, you do also receive free samples with every order!

Sigma: When you sign up you get a Welcome gift of 15% off your first purchase!

Smashbox: I have been impressed with this company, not only do you get a welcome gift of 15% off your first purchase, but you also get lots of email coupons and free samples with every purchase!

Tarte: Another company that works with points. When you accumulate points you can use them to upgrade your points for a Deluxe Sample. Their points are based off dollar amounts of purchased items. You also get a Birthday Reward! Coupons do get emailed to you if you sign up for the emails, and I highly suggest it! You also get a Welcome gift of 15% off your next purchase!

Use my personal link when you shop to get points: http://tartecosmetics.com/raf/click/?i=mcf7zdt3!y

Too Faced: I love ordering from Too Faced not only because of the free samples with every order, but you also receive coupons via email, I just got one for 20% off my next order!

Ulta: This rewards program is slightly different. Again based of purchased items and dollar amounts you still receive points. These points, once reached a specific number, can be redeemed for dollars off a purchase. When you sign up, you do also get a Birthday Reward as well as emailed coupons. At check out they do let you apply a few coupons as well as take advantage of promos that are going on. I was able to use a percent off coupon as well as still get the free 14 piece set (as long as your pre-coupon total still allows you to qualify for promos)

Something I will caution you about Ulta- I have gotten a few coupons from them, some were EXPIRED before I even placed my order, and some didn’t START for another 3 weeks before I could use it. Pay attention to the dates on the coupons. I did however email them and complain and they did reply with an apology as well as a $10 e-gift card to make up for it.

Urban Decay: By signing up for emails you get enrolled in UD Beauty Junkies. A program that rewards you points that can be redeemed on a future purchase. The thing that I love about this, is your points are solely based of items purchased, there are other ways to accumulate points (gain 100 with out even dropping a single dollar). Receive emailed coupons, as well as notifications of new products, sales. You do also get a FREE birthday gift (with the purchase of a reg. priced item)

One thing I know you can do with Urban Decay is stack coupons at the time of purchase. I was able to use my Birthday Reward coupon (free eyeliner), a percent off coupon (my Welcome coupon) as well as apply the Free shipping (minimum required dollars spent was met) all on one purchase!

Use my referral code: kbqbbvtr to get 10 points right off the bat!


Check back to see what companies give BIRTHDAY Rewards, and which ones I got this year!

Are you subscribed to any make-up companies that have good rewards? Did I miss any?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!



Hey guys!

Thanks for visiting my beauty site! On this blog page I will talk about how to get high end beauty and style when on a tight budget. I will also review products in the beauty category, hair, make-up and skin care!

I love make-up, sometimes just to try out new looks, sometimes for fancy events and sometimes just an everyday look. But beauty comes at a cost. Getting good quality, long lasting and beautiful make-up can be spendy. But here I will talk about how to get great looks that won’t break the bank.

Now fair warning, I am not one of those girls that wears a full face of make-up on the daily. And I am not a professional by any means. This blog is simply my opinion and the things and ways I like to wear!

I am super excited to chat beauty and maybe a little bit of fashion with y’all!