[get the look]: scarves

Scarves are probably one of my favorite accessories. I wear them all year long, with practically every outfit & I rarely wear them to keep warm. I think scarves are the perfect accessory to add not only color and texture to an outfit but for me, a lot of times it adds modesty. Continue reading


ELF Look

IMG_4115.jpgWith my recent ELF Haul I was playing with a few different looks and I loved the look I created with my new products!

A great light weight and natural look great for summer.

I used my new eyeshadow palette called Mad for Matte, my new foundation, the jet black eyeliner and a bunch of new brushes.

To get this look, keep reading & let me know what you think.



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Brown Smokey Eye {UD Naked Palette}

I have talked a few times about how much I love my Urban Decay- Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow Palette. And so I thought I would show you guys my favorite way to wear these shadows. This definitely isn’t an everyday look for me, because of my pale skin, it can sometimes look out of place or way to dark for my whiter than white face :0)

Photo on 5-16-16 at 8.13 PM

Before I start, I do use my Urban Decay Potion Eyelid Primer. This really does make a difference in reducing if not eliminating creasing, smudging and keeping everything in place all day or night. This also gives the shadows something to stick to, sometimes I have oily eyelids (sometimes dry) and shadow just doesn’t want to hold on.

I also tight-line with a charcoal liner before I start. This just helps fill in the space in between my lashes.  When I put on my mascara, I hate to see empty spaces in my lashes :0) Personal preference. My current favorite charcoal liner is also from Urban Decay- it is their Easy Glide charcoal crayon liner.

Now for the shadow itself. I am using the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette. This is a smaller palette than the normal Naked, but any set of brown eye shadows will work for this look!

Urban Decay Naked.jpgTo start I apply #2 Stark as a base. This just helps the other shadows go on easier when there is a simple coat on the lid. This will also help the other shades show up better without as many layers.

To begin building the smokiness I apply # 5 Primal all over my lid- inner corner to outer corner, lash line up to my crease; using ELF’s eye shadow brush. Sometimes this takes a few coats to get my desired darkness but using this brush helps me put on more product in a single coat.

Once I get a basic coat of the brown I then take #6 Undone and apply it just to the outer corner of my eyes using ELF’s angled shadow brush. This helps give that smokey effect. I then take a clean brush and blend the dark Undone color and blend it into my crease.This helps bring all the colors together, and eliminating harsh separation in the shadows.

I then take #1 Skimp and apply it to the to the inner corner of my eye and blend it into the center of my eye. This just helps brighten it up, and by blending it into the other colors, again helps make it look more natural.

Once I have the desired look, I take a jet black liquid eyeliner and create a nice wined liner.  My favorite Jet Black Liner is from ELF. I am a fan of the brush tips over the felt ones, and the fine brush from ELF allows me to make a precise line and wing. Sometimes if I don’t want the harshness of the black liner in my brown smokey eye, I will use ELF’s brown liquid liner. I finish the look off with a few coats of mascara and a nice light lip.

What do you think? What’s your favorite way to wear these shades? Do you have a look similar to this?



Army Green & Gold

I will admit that I am OBSESSED with military/army/olive green colored everything. I have this color in every way shape and form. Shoes, shirts, pants, scarves, jackets and even make-up in this color. I love it because the green brings out my green eyes, compared to the sometimes brown/hazel eyes. Combining it with gold adds the perfect touch. Recently I have been using a bunch of my new products to create my Green Gold look and have been loving the way it turns out.

I wear this look with lots of my green pieces, but I sometimes wear it with a complimentary outfit. Its great for work, going out or if toned down it can be worn for an everyday look.

Fair warning- I am not a professional make-up artist so this is NOT the most perfect or precise make-up look in the world, this is just what I do :0)

To get this look I used these products: IMG_3805



I started with priming my eyelid. My eyes have been super dry and cracked so this helps keep them a little less flakey looking. The one I used is one from my Too Faced Beauty Blogger kit its called Shadow Insurance and Anti Crease Eye Shadow Primer. I like it because it has a little tint to it which eliminates having to conceal my lids.

IMG_3795Next I used this eyeshadow palette from Ulta and I used the color Romance. This was used all over my lid to just get a good base. I didn’t want this look to be too Packer Colored so this help add more color and more warmth to my lid. I used just a basic eyeshadow brush from ELF to apply a generous amount.

Once I had a good base coat I went in with my new Loreal eyeshadows in the color Golden Sage & Eternal Sunshine. Both of these have a little bit of glitter or shimmer to them. I applied the sage to the outer corner of my eye as well as the middle. This is a little more Emerald than I thought so I do go over it with a little brown. I use the golden color on the inner corner and fade it out into the center of my eye. This helps bring light and extra shimmer to the center. Once I have both of these shades on, I take a crease brush from ELF and take more of the same base color and lightly dust it over the sage. This helps make it more of a military/army green.IMG_3806

I don’t like to wear fake lashes for an everyday look, so for this look I used my new Ulta Voluminous Mascara. I applied 2 coats of this to make my lashes long, full and jet black. Once my mascara is dry, I apply my black liquid liner from ELF. I really need to replace mine, this one had a few clumps in it so my line isn’t perfect. I like to add a little wing to my lid, although I can never get mine to match, nor perfect.


For the lower lash line, I used my new NYX pencil. This has a little shimmer to it but not over the top glitter.

IMG_3800And Voila! I am done! A little mascara on the bottom lashes, little lip color and blush and I am ready to go.  I hate taking selfies so excuse the goofy face. I love the way that these colors on my eyes make my eyes look green compared to my usual hazel.

Let me know what you think! Do you like this look? Let me know if you try it or use different products to get a similar look!

Have a Beauty-FULL day!