Beauty Hacks

Being a girl can be hard and expensive. Learning all of the tricks of the trade can take years.. but here are a few beauty hacks, secrets or random facts that may help you out, They sure have come through when I have needed a quick fix.

  1. Starbucks Napkins- Great for cleaning up the condensation rings from my Iced Chai, but did you know that they work great for blotting oil off your face? I know you can buy oil blotting paper from any make-up store, but why when you can get napkins for FREE when you get your favorite Starbucks drink.
  2. Baking Soda Teeth Whitener- Mix equal parts baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth with it a few times a week and you’ll see whiter teeth!
  3. Hand Sanitizer Deodorant- If you are running late and realize you forgot deodorant, rub a little bit of hand sanitizer under your arms and it will kill any bacteria that will produce stinky odor :0)
  4. Heating a Lash Curler- Did you know that a quick few seconds under your hair dryer can make the curl on your eyelashes last a lot longer?
  5. White Eyeliner- Using white eyeliner on your water line will make your eyes appear larger than they actually are.
  6. Transparent Powder- Applying a little bit of a transparent powder to lipstick will make it matte and less sticky
  7. Bobby Pins- Flipping a bobby pin so that the bumpy side is against your head will help them hold firmer and last longer.
  8. Faster Dry Times- Did you know that you can speed up the dry time of your nail polish one of two ways? Either spray them with a non-stick cooking spray or submerging in a bowl of ice water
  9. Putting a bandaid over the poking wire in bras. Strange I know, but it works!
  10. School glue pore strip– I have personally tried this and have had success. Only with Elmer’s School Glue, the cheap stuff is too runny. But simple apply a little glue to area with black heads or clogged pores. Allow it to dry and GENTLY and SLOWLY peel off. If all you have is cheap store brand glue, you can apply the glue then lay tissue paper or a tissue over the wet glue.

For more beauty hacks like this check out this website here, or this one  here.

What are your favorite beauty hack? Have you found any hacks that don’t work? Any that I should add to this list?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!