Simple Hair Styles [Short Hair]

I have never had very long hair. It is currently the longest it has ever been and it only reaches just past my shoulders. I love short hair, it is easy to take care of and style. As I have let it grow out, I have had to get a bit more creative with my styles in order to keep it out of my face. I use only a handful of styles because I am hair challenged, and struggle with braids, curls and doing anything creative on my right side. Check out some of my go-to hair styles that are quick, simple and cute!

Style 1: Simple bang twist- For some reason I always get bangs, and yet I never do anything but pull them back. I love this look because it is extremely simple, only requires two bobby pins and is a quick way to pin back those pesky bangs.

Style 2: Bumped bangs- This look is a great way to get volume up in the front as well as pin back bangs. I use 3 bobby pins for this look, but it can be done with two. My hair can do this look without teasing and still get a great amount of volume. I have to flip my bangs to the opposite side than I usually part my hair on to get maximum volume.

Style 3: Center Part Twist Backs- Sometimes a side part just isn’t working for me & so I like to switch it up by doing a center part [or closer to the center]. The twist is the same as I do for a side part just now I do one on each side šŸ™‚ A simple change can create a whole new look.

half-up-with-volumeStyle 4: 1/2 up with Volume- I have been doing this look for years and it is so incredibly easy and people think its complicated. I also get lots of compliments on this one too. You can do this look with bumped bangs or twisted ones. but then I just take some hair from the sides and push them up to get volume and secure them with some bobby pins. Sometimes it takes some playing around with and some extra help from some spray wax and hairspray to get it close to even on both sides.

IMG_5541Style 5: 1/2 pony (sporty style) Some days I don’t feel like doing my hair or I am doing something more athletic and I just want to get my hair out of my face. I love using clear rubber bands and sectioning off the top section of my hair into a pony. From here you can easily turn it into a mini bun but my hair is still too short for this šŸ™‚

Style 6: HATS! I love hats. Sometimes šŸ™‚ Check out some of my favorite ways to wear a hat- these style, straw summer fedoras can be worn with your hair pulled into a low pony or with your hair all the way down!




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