Poshmark Obsession

A co-worker of mine got me completely addicted to Poshmark. A consignment app where you can sell and buy clothes, shoes, accessories & makeup! I have been totally obsessed with shopping my favorite brands as discounted prices & getting to sell my unwanted clothes before I just donate them.

This has been the best way to filter my size, brands I like and styles I know fit! It is super easy to get started. You can go online or download the app, create a new account and you can start selling or buying instantly! I had an account for a long time and for a while I didn’t post anything of my own, just used it to shop. But when I tried to sell my name brand clothes at a local consignment shop and they turned them away I immediately went to Poshmark to make a few extra bucks.

The nice thing too is the seller pays for the shipping, and Poshmark sends you a pre-paid shipping label that you attach to a box and you ship your clothes right to the buyer. Poshmark does take a percentage of each purchase but I have still made close to $50 bucks selling my clothes.

Chuck out these recent purchases of mine! Can you tell that I like stripes?! 🙂 I love that I can get super cute dresses for summer from brands I love!

Check out my closet on Poshmark too! https://poshmark.com/closet/jacklynp22

If you do sign up, send me the link on Poshmark and I’ll follow your closet! I hope you find that you love Poshmark as much as I do!

Happy Poshing!


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