{Sidekicks} May

I have so many favorites this month! My Bless Box gave me so many great products that have made it into this months list of sidekicks. I have also just tried a bunch of new things this month and have been using or doing them a lot! So let’s get into my May Sidekicks!

IMG_0136Clothing Item: I took my Disney obsession to a new level this month with my new Disney princess tennis shoes. My mom picked these bad boys up for me on clearance from Target and I love wearing them. (Plus they totally made all the little girls at my Church totally jelly) On top of being beyond adorable and suitable for any 24 year old they also happen to be comfy 🙂


So many of my sidekicks came from my Bless Box- I got so many great products in that box for a really great price. I am excited to see what I get in my next one!

One of my huge sidekicks for summer is this Body Shop Body Butter. It is perfect for my dry summer skin. It is so smooth and a little goes a long way. Buttery texture melts into my skin and really hydrates my skin.

Another great product from my Bless box was the Color Pop matte lip stick. This has become one of my staples in my everyday look. Smooth & creamy formula dries matte without drying out my lips but it last all day!

I have also been loving the Maybelline eyeliner crayon. It goes on so easily and lasts all day without smudging! I love that I don’t have to worry about it moving or wearing off. It really goes on so easy and is so pigmented. A great find and I love that I can get it at Target.

Last sidekick from my Bless Box is the Go Smile tooth whitening gel. An additive to my toothpaste and normal brushing routine is the perfect way to whiten my teeth. I love adding it to my Pronamel Toothpaste from Sensodyne with whitening. Together I have noticed my teeth getting whiter with every use!

I have also been loving my First Aid Beauty travel moisturizer. This one I will definitely consider buying the full size. A tiny amount of this gives my driest of skin the moisture it needs and lasts all day long. I am bummed that I am almost out of my travel tube but excited that I can keep squeezing a little bit out.

In the spirit of summer I have been using my Bath and Body Works Beach shower gel. Smells just like summer. I love using B&B Gel for both shaving & bubble bath. I also really like that it doesn’t irritate my skin, probably the biggest plus!

Lastly- I have been addicted to these Up & Up pore strips from Target. I couldn’t believe how much cheaper these were than the Biore strips & I get the same if not better results than the Biore. I do however think I will get the charcoal strips next time because I think they help remove more oil than just the basic ones.

What were some of your sidekicks from this past month? Have you ever used any of the products from my list? Any recommendations for next month?


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