Sephora PLAY!

I just got my first PLAY! bag from Sephora! I had tried this subscription a year or so back and I never actually got the bag 😦 I decided to try again because what the heck, it’s only $10!Image result for Sephora Play May 2017 Bag

I got the PLAY! May 2017 bag- which isn’t actually much of a bag at all. It is this plastic envelope looking bag with the word Play! all over it. Here is the line up of products that I got. I have to say I was impressed that I got 6 samples and I have only heard of one brand.

PLAY May Bag

I love getting these boxes/bags in the mail because it is a cheap and easy way to try out new brands & products. The only down side is because they are cheap there isn’t the option to customize. One of the biggest problems I have with them is I often am allergic to some of the products inside.

CaptureThis crayon highlighter is perfect for getting the right amount of glow in the perfect spot. I often find it hard to use highlight because I feel like I just end up looking like Edward Cullen. I am at least willing to give this a try. not sure how it will look with my natural look since I don’t do a full face of make up.
Retail Price for Full Size: $34.00

BelifBelif is the only brand from this selection that I have heard of.  I am excited to try this deep hydration & lightweight cream. My skin seems to yo-yo between dry and oily so maybe this will help balance that scale.
Retail Price for Full Size: $42.00

Nude stickNude Stix is a deep wine red lip crayon. But on my pale skin it comes off more brown. I am not that adventurous in my lip choices yet so I haven’t decided if I will hold on to this or pass it along to a friend that will get use out of this. I did however really like the soft consistency of the formula and it was a quick dry matte finish crayon. I don’t understand the magnetic part though.
Retail Price for Full Size: $24.00

RahuaI unfortunately can not use this Rahua Omega 9 hair mask due to my allergies. But it sounds amazing and great for any hair type. I will pass this on to a friend and hopefully they will enjoy it and benefit from using it. The packaging is beautiful and it does smell good, I just wish I could test it out.
Retail Price for Full Size: $58.00

TatchaAnother product I can’t use. And I wish I could. This is a pure cleansing oil that will help remove dirt and impurities with out irritating the skin. The part that I find confusing is that this oil is supposed to help remove oil… I’ll leave it at that. 🙂
Retail Price for Full Size: $48.00

Lastly I got this perfume sample. A nice little toToccauch and I so appreciate that it is a spray perfume. However it is extremely strong & not in a pleasant way. This blood orange and sandalwood perfume is not my style and definitely not my favorite but I appreciate the effort.
Retail Price for Full Size: $72.00

Overall, I was impressed with the number of items I got and the variety of them. There was a little bit of everything! I liked that I was giving new products and types of products you don’t always see in beauty bags. I also was surprised how expensive some of the full sized products were, not something you see in most beauty bags.

Have you ever gotten the Sephora Play! bag? What did you think of the products? Have you ever tried the products I received in my bag?



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