Empties & Repurchases

I have never done an empties post, and part of that is because I am horrible at actually finishing a product. With receiving so many subscription boxes I often find a product I like and then as soon as the next box comes I switch to the new one. I recently discovered that I was finishing off several of my products & finding myself heading back to the store to buy more.

IMG_5658Skin Care:

Acure Daily Moisturizer: I loved this moisturizer because I didn’t have to apply it every day. I tend to find that because of my combination skin moisturizer either makes me way too oily or doesn’t last long enough. And this was the perfect amount. It works for my sensitive skin and quickly melts into my skin!

This little bottle lasted a long while, although I didn’t use it every day. I think I will repurchase this once I finish off ones that I currently have in my collection. But I definitely think this was worth the money & worth a repurchase.

Clean & Clear Deep Action Shower 60 Second Mask: This one was just a sample that I had gotten in one of my subscription boxes and I will be buying this one on my next trip to the store! I love how powerful and strong this is for just a 60 second mask. Little beads help exfoliate and get all the dirt off my face I can feel them cleaning!

Yes to Carrots Cream Facial Cleanser: This one was bittersweet- it took me a long time to finish this bottle & I didn’t find myself really seeing any great results, it did clean and take off dirt and make-up but I don’t think I will get this one again.



This is where I had the most empties!

Summers Eve Morning Paradise Cleansing Wash: This was a great body wash that I went through really quickly. Did I notice it worked differently than any other body wash… no. It didn’t have a strong smell either. I don’t know if I will buy this again.

Baby Shampoo: I have used this for many purposes- including make-up remover, shampoo when I am desperate and even a shaving gel. I do love this- however I don’t think I will buy a bottle this big again it took forever to finish off!

Curves Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Burnt Brown Sugar and Butter body wash: This is a hard no. It was extremely rough on my skin, I know that it was an exfoliating wash but it just felt like I was scratching myself. It also had a very strange smell & oily after feeling.

Hello Legs Shaving Cream and after Lotion: This one was another great find form a beauty box. I really did have extremely soft legs after using it. I did only use it in the shower as a shaving cream but I had no bumps, irritation or cuts! I would love to purchase this again but I think I have to do so off their website.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Bubble Bath and Body Wash: I actually finished off 2 of these bottles, both the stress relief and the sleep are my absolute favorite! I love using these to unwind after a long day and then using the lotion to follow! These have already been a repurchase and will continue to be 🙂

IMG_5657Make-Up/ Personal Care:

This one I didn’t have to many items because I don’t go through make-up that fast.

Secret Outlast Deodorant: This has become one of my favorite and best deodorants for me. It really does last all day! Definitely will continue to be a repurchase

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Hair Revitalizing Masque: I got this as a sample when I hosted an Arbonne party. I only got 2 uses out of this little guy but I really did notice a change in my eczema and itchy head when I used it. I will consider buying this again after I get the chance to talk again with my consultant to figure out the best product for my head.

Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced: I really did enjoy this mascara and talked about it often in my sidekicks posts. It is a little more expensive than I like to spend on mascara, and honestly I have found ones that are 1/4 of the cost that work just as well. I will say that I haven’t found a wand like it.

EOS Chap stick Egg: I have so many of these and I have finally finished one! I feel so accomplished that’s really the only reason I included that! I can’t ever remember finishing off a chap stick. I love these and yes, I will continue to buy them!

Hair Care:IMG_5660

I have been playing around a lot with different shampoo’s and conditioners to try to find one that doesn’t irritate my skin.

Selsun Blue for Itchy Dry Scalp: I was kind of disappointed with this one, I found that it didn’t actually help my dry or itchy skin. And it actually stung really bad if I had an irritated spot. I did finish the bottle mostly because it was CRAZY expensive for what you get. I don’t think I will buy this again.

Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Conditioner: I finished the matching shampoo to this a little while ago and I did like how light weight this made my hair but it did irritate my skin and I didn’t notice a change in the volume I got. Another one bites the dust.


This was definitely a challenge to finish off these items, some of them I have had for what seems like forever. I do hope to do more of these posts so please comment below if you have any tips! Thanks for reading & have a BEAUTY-full day!


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