Snapshots: April

I have so many fun snapshots to share with you this month! So many great memories from our vacations, cute Polaroids from my new camera and a whole lot of fun! April was such a busy month for me between dog sitting, getting ready for vacation and just summer on its way! Here are a few snapshots from April! I hope you enjoy!

Sleeping puppies are my favorite! I was so lucky to get to stay with these two dogs & two cats. I love listening to their puppy snores and cuddles while I read outside or am on the couch. I also got this really cool shot of a caterpillar  while on vacation!

I also cut my hair, did some painting, bible journaling and some reading!

I had a blast on vacation! We were so blessed with beautiful weather, lots of sunshine and an abundance of love from family and friends while we were there. We got to see so many beautiful places, awestruck by our Creators works and experience new adventures. Check out my blog posts about our adventures here!

Come back next month to see snapshots from May. And hey stick around and check out my monthly favorites! Thanks for reading!


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