Vacation Must Haves: North Carolina Edition 2017

In getting ready for my vacation I wanted to share with you my vacation MUST haves! 🙂 I am so excited to go on this trip, not only cause it will be a fun girls road trip, but I have never been to N.C and our best friends have so many fun things planned for us! Hiking, small town shopping & even walking around Tree Hill (filming location for One Tree Hill).

First off- Clothing! I picked up a bunch of new clothes for this trip!

Cute beach themed tank tops! Thanks to The Wild and Free Project for this one- “A portion of all proceeds goes straight to the Kylie Rowand Foundation  built on a mission to spread awareness, raise funds for promising, less toxic treatments as well as raise funds for children and their families currently fighting childhood cancer. ”

I also got this cute tank top for my birthday from my parents- My Magnolia T-Shirt. I am totally obsessed with Fixer Upper and I was ecstatic to add this one to my closet! I love the simplicity of this shirt- and I also just love that it is Magnolia Farms 🙂

I also got longer jean shorts for the trip. The older I get the more and more I hate short shorts. Not that I was ever into like the really short ones, but I really wanted to add a longer pair of shorts to my closet. I got these from Old Navy with gift cards I had gotten from Swagbucks.

Lastly- I added another Chambray shirt along with a new jean jacket and a jean vest to my collection. I love these for chilly nights or cooler days!

Accessories– Every girl needs her accessories and I have a few that I can’t go on vacation without! I have a nice mix of new pieces as well as ones that I’ve had for a while.

HatsHats:I love hats! Because sometimes I don’t feel like doing my hair and a hat is a good solution! 🙂 I have these two summer hats, one with back ribbon and the other with blue.

Jewelry: I’ve got my She Of Noble Character: Beloved necklaces packed an ready to go, but I also have some new stuff packed.  I got an anklet and toe ring both on clearance, but then I had $10 Kohls cash- making them both free! The beaded bracelet was a gift from my sister that I got for my birthday. She picked this beauty up from a website called Village Artisan. They have such cute stuff!

Shoes: I travel with more shoes than I do anything else. I love a cute pair of shoes.  I have 2 new pairs of wedges that I am taking with me, a few pairs of sandals, A pair of cute walking tennis shoes and a pair for hiking! I like to have options, what can I say!?

Nails: I love getting my nails done before vacation. And because on this one I will be in sandals, I decided to get my toes done at the salon and do my fingers myself. Check out these cute colors I picked up for the trip!


Polaroid Snap camera in actionI bought myself this cute Polaroid Camera for my birthday and I am so excited to take it with me and get some cute snaps! I love that it will print and save my pictures too!

Pre Heels is a addition- I recently purchased this with a coupon code Pree Heelson their website and snagged this for only $19. It is a spray that you apply before wearing you heels or shoes that tend to give you blister or irritate your skin. Pre Heels will act as a barrier and protect your skin. I tried it out before the trip and so far, my feet have been loving it. No more blisters or uncomfortable shoes!


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