Eyeliner Review [Top 5]

I have been through a lot of eyeliner in my days & I thought it was time to review and list my top 5 favorite eyeliners. I don’t use pencils because I am not a fan of them and for some reason they make my eyes itch. I stay away from them as much as I can.

IMG_4094Liquid: By far my favorite liquid eye liner is from E.L.F. This fine point brush allows for me to get a nice wing, jet black color and a perfect line- every time. I have been using this product for probably the last 5 or so years. I love that I can get it for under $5, it lasts me several months & it is a great product that I can rely on. This is definitely my go to liquid liner.

Downside? I haven’t seen a waterproof version. And when my eye gets to watering, there are smudges everywhere.

Crayon:  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Crayon is one of the best liners I have used in a long time. It really is so easy to apply and I haven’t had a problem with it smudging. I am sad that it is almost out as it was part of my everyday look for a long time. This was my go – to when I didn’t want that harsh black line. I also really like how even though it was gray it was still extremely pigmented and not a weak gray shade.

This one might have to be a repurchase. It did last me a year I will say though I didn’t use it everyday.

Downside? The only thing I can think of is it is a little on the spendy side for a liner but for lasting a year and being a great product- I still think it’s worth it.

Felt Tip:  eyeliner_blackberry_grandeAurora Felt Tip Liner  has been in my favorites a lot lately and I am still loving it. I love the control and intensity I get with felt pens & this is one of the better ones I have found. I have it both in black and gray and I do use them both a lot. I love that these are fine tip which allows me to have control over where my line goes and I find that these are the best for making those wings. I do also like that they dry fast and matte so I can get right into my lash like for an even better look.

IMG_4327I do have a close second and that would be my Girlactik Felt Tip Liner. This one stayed true jet black after several months use. Again with these felt tip liners you can get right at the base of the lashes for a perfect black line, every time.

Downside? I found that both of these tips start to wear down and fray almost making it hard to get as precise of a line as I am looking for. I would also like to point out that Girlactik liner was much cheaper than Aurora & the color is much better than Aurora. I have found that Aurora’s color fade much faster.

Colored Liner: IMG_3895 With my green/hazel eyes I sometimes like to do a colored eyeliner- and my go to is this Endless Orchid from bareMinerals. I actually got it free for my birthday last year. This is also a retractable crayon but it glides on so easy. The plum purple really brings out my green eyes.

Downside? The only downside is finding the perfect shade without being little girl purple. It is hard to find a deep plum. I have gone through many liners looking for the perfect one and it is hard to find.

What are your favorite eyeliners? Any recommendations? Did any of your favorites make the list? I’d love to hear from you!


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