YU.R Pore Mask [Review]

img_5176I’m sure you have seen this mask all over YouTube cause that is where I saw this. I love peel off masks, deep clean, pore clearing type products so this was right up my ally. I got this off Amazon for about $20. It does come with 10 step one nose strips & a tube of step 2.

I have seen many reviews on this system and some were great- unclogged their pores, softer skin and smaller pore size.

I have also seen the opposite. Irritated skin, only pulled out baby hairs or dry skin & didn’t so much of anything.

I decided to take a chance.

Step 1 is a very saturated pore strip and it is supposed to help soften the stuff clogging your pores, open your pores up and get ready to clean the skin. My first impression was that this was so full of the product, I had a hard time keeping it on my nose. I ended up squeezing out the extra product and soaking another cotton pad with the extra and placed it on my chin (another area I wanted to extract blackheads and gunk.)

You leave this on for 10-15 minutes and just so you know it doesn’t dry out, like at all. I took it off and it was still as wet as when I put it on. I was also confused if I was supposed to rub in the extra serum that was left on my face or wipe it off. I choose to rub it in. Not sure if that is right or not but oh well! 🙂

Step 2 was really bittersweet. The mask itself is very thick which makes it hard to spread. It was also extremely sticky, it literally felt like glue. I did however like the applicator itself. It kept my fingers clean and made getting right around my nose easy. The mask was hard to get in an even layer so peeling it off took a while.

The first time I tried this, the mask wasn’t completely dry so it left patches all over my face. The second time I applied it, I tried a thinner layer and let it dry for a longer period of time but then when I tried to take it off it curled on itself and was also hard to take off.

Overall I don’t think it worked as well as I had hoped. It did unclog a few of my pores on my cheeks but it mostly took off baby hairs and dry skin. I think next time I try this I want to try to exfoliate or do something more to open up my pores or something so the mask has something to grab on to.

I think I will use up what I have left of this mask set but I don’t think I will buy this again. I did have smooth skin after but was left with some clogged pores.

Have you ever tried the YU.R Pore Mask? Did you have luck with it? Any tips to try the next time I use this?


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