Winter Spa Night: Samples Edition/ Review

With all the beauty subscriptions my sample bucket tends to get full, fast. I decided with the harsh winter weather here in Minnesota, it was time for a spa night, re-hydrate my skin & I was determined to try some of the samples I have been hording & give them a proper review!

I LOVE baths, for some strange reason. I love how I just melt when I hit the hot water & for it it is the perfect way to get away & relax. Check out what I used to help me relax & pamper myself for my spa night!

img_5193The night usually starts with filling up the tub with hot water & sprinkling in my new bath salts from Arbonne. These not only help my muscles relax, but they actually make my skin really soft too. These are an aromatherapy salt as well so it quickly fills the room with a delicious and relaxing smell.

I light a candle, my current favorite is the Happiness aromatherapy from Target. Another great and relaxing scent for spa night.

Then it is time to lay back, sip on something to drink, tonight it was a Starbucks Chai Tea, and either listen to music or watch Netflix. I have been watching Person of Interest lately so I decided to catch up on some episodes.

img_5186Once I am done, I dry off and usually get myself a snack before I get to the pampering part. Tonight it was my favorite cookie dough & the rest of my chai.

I got to try lots of new samples tonight. First was a little bath sponge pre-loaded with a body wash in the scent Lavender that I got from my Fall- Fab.Fit.Fun. Box. I was beyond impressed with this little guy. The flower shape made it really easy to hold onto especially when it got full of soap. The other impressive thing is I have used this same sponge about 5-7 times & it still has body was on it. They said that it had multiple washes and boy oh boy they meant it!

When it came time to pamper the first thing I like to do is get something on my feet. I have hard rough feet and soaking in the tub makes them much easier to work with. I recently got a foot cream from my December Birch Box called Hey Honey Walk the Walk Propolis Foot Cream. This cream is literally like butter. I rubbed in so smoothly and easily, smelled great & didn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. I only had a small sample size to try & I wanted to try to get a few uses out of it, but I think that plan back fired on my & I didn’t use enough to make it work. It is supposed to help make the toughest of heels soft, & mine were softer than normal but you could still feel & see the roughness.

Next was a face mask. I did a series of these, first to clean then to hydrate.

First up was one that didn’t come in a subscription box but I have seen it all over Youtube and wanted to try it. It is an Asian Pore cleaning 2- step kit. Step one is to apply a moist pore strip to your nose. This is supposed to help soften anything clogging your pores. My first impression was that it felt incredibly slimy & there was way to much product on it. I actually squeezed out some of the extra on a cotton pad and used it on my chin. Once you have left it on for 10-15 minutes, remove the strip, rub in the extra serum into your skin & apply step 2. I really liked the application of step 2, it comes in a squeeze tube that keeps your fingers clean. This is a thick glue like consistency that dries into your pores.

After leaving this on until it is completely dry, you then begin the peel off process. The first attempt I didn’t wait long enough & there were still wet areas so it didn’t peel off nicely at all and I ended up washing most of it off. The second attempt I waited longer & peeled it off to find that it only removed baby hairs and a little bit of dry skin.

sallys-box-masksAt this point, my skin was irritated and red from the 2 attempts to clean my pores & that meant it was time to re-hydrate, relax & sooth my mad skin.

I decided to try the newest face mask from my January Ipsy bag from Sally’s Box: Love Recipe Acai Berry Mask. Not only did this mask smell great but it did wonders on my skin. After leaving on for about 30 minutes, my skin was no longer red & irritated but looked and felt much more hydrated, looked healthy and smooth but the color looked more even.

s1468438-main-lheroI have also been using tarte cosmetics: deluxe maracuja oil on my face and dry patches of skin on my arms after my baths. The oil itself absorbs right into my skin & I find in the morning that those area’s aren’t dry any more. I have also used it on my lips when they are chapped. I like that I can control how much oil I am putting on my face, the perfect amount to take away they dryness with out making it oily.

I usually end the night by looking over my new planner, finishing up a blog, watch the last few minutes of my Netflix show or spending some quiet time in my bible.

What do you like to do for your spa nights? Have you found anything to beat this winter weather? Any products that are a must for your pamper nights? I’d love to hear what you use!




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