Flat Tummy Tea [review & first impression]

img_5174I joined in on the Instagram craze of Flat Tummy Tea. Although I am not much of a tea drinker, like at all I wanted to try it out. I decided to get the 2 week system and I believe with a coupon code I paid about $30 for the 2 week cleanse. There is also a 4 week option, but because I don’t drink tea, I didn’t want to hate it and waste my money. I had to buy a tea infuser as this tea is loose leaf.

The Activate Tea is one that you drink every morning. A light peppermint tea that helps boost your metabolism and give you energy. I did notice a boost in my energy after drinking this.

The cleanse is one that you drink every other night for the first week and then every 3rd night for week two. This one isn’t as peppery and has a much more “tea” taste. This one I did have to add some Splenda to in order to drink it.

Overall, I did a pretty good job sticking to the plan. I had missed a handful here and there but at the end of the 2 weeks I had extra tea. I decided to keep drinking it until I ran out. I am at about 3 weeks & still have tea left.

First impression was it didn’t taste bad and I did end up losing about 5 pounds. I wouldn’t say there is a visible difference, but I feel better, my pants fit a little looser and in the end I feel great. I don’t know if I would pay to do it again because I didn’t see major changes.

I do think it helped me out with feeling bloated especially after my monthly thang. I felt like I had more energy & I was drinking tea instead of hitting up Starbucks in the morning which I’m sure helped as well.

I think if I can get in a better fitness & eating plan, get back to a healthier me & then do this system it will work much better, but I am still glad I tried it.

Have you every tried Flat Tummy Tea? Did it work for you? Any recommendations on other detox systems?


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