BirchBox {December}

Another BirchBox- Another review. I have mixed feelings about the products I got this month. Some of them I am really excited to use, other I’m kind of indifferent about. I was reading the reviews of people who have tried the products and some of the reviews turned me away from wanting to use them. But let’s get to the products:

Saphira Hair Mineral Mud: I was originally REALLY excited about this product… until I read the reviews. This is a hair mud that contains 26 minerals from the Dead Sea and it is supposed to strengthen, hydrate and repair hair. Something I need in this FREEZING Minnesota winter. But upon reading the review on BirchBox- I guess it is super fragrant and the smell over powers everything and has turned people away from using it.

I read that although it does completely transform your hairs texture and can really do great things. The smell is just so strong that it has given girls headaches and sneeze attacks! I do think I at least try it (depending on the smell- I’m hesitant to open it). But if it is something I can deal with I will try it! (retail f full sized is $31)

Leaders 7 Wonders Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask: I love a good mask and this is one that I was really excited about. Even though it didn’t have great reviews most of them were about not fitting. Which is a problem I often have with sheet masks but its not a reason to not use them in my mind. This Pore Minimizing mask has Himalayan camellia flower oil that is supposed to help with congested skin, something I struggle with. Loaded with other natural extracts this mask will also minimize pores, soothe irritated skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration. I am super excited to try this mask! (retail for full sized is $5.99)

evo root canal volumizing spray: Another hair product, and this is another one I’m a little unsure about. I have tried these voluminzing sprays before and I haven’t had luck with any of them. I also read that some girls had problems with this making their hair look oily, some had it get really tangled, so I am not sure I really want to do that to my hair. But I am willing to still give it a try, because who knows maybe it will work magic on my hair!  (retail for full sized is $25)

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick: This one is one that I am excited for. I love these little shadow sticks because they are so quick and easy, gives you a great look in just seconds, lasts all day & is perfect for travel! I have similar products but this one is super compact! I could put it in my purse for a quick application before going out. Mine came in this shimmery taupe color perfect for my style. This little guy will get lots of use in my makeup routine! (retail is only $10!)

Okay, I saved best for last! This one I am most excited for because I think its the one I will open first, finish first and get the most use out of.

Hey Honey Walk the Walk Propolis Foot Cream: This girl has dry and cracked feet. Ugly. I have tired so many things to help and so far I am still left with nasty feet. I am really excited to try this because not only did I read that it smells fabulous, but that it does actually help soften feet (even the heel). Literally everything about this product sounds amazing! I can’t wait to try this stuff! (retail is $23)

Overall I am okay with my box. The foot cream and the LOC shadow stick are the ones I am most excited to try and add into my routine. The other ones, I’m a little hesitant about.

IMG_5170.JPGI also got 2 surprise products in my box. One was an Eyeko London Skinny Mini Black eyeliner & one a cute little pocket mirror.  Perfect for travel or throwing in a purse to make touch ups throughout the day!

Please comment below if you have used any of these products and what you think?


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