Sidekicks {December}

So I totally missed my Sidekicks post for November, with the Christmas season approaching I just simply forgot. But I have got a lot of new favorites for December- two months worth! I got lots of new & great things & I can’t wait to share them with you!

eyeliner_blackberry_grandeAURORA: INTENSIVELY PRECISE EYELINER in BLACKBERRY:  This is a new product that I got in my December ipsy bag and I have been using it everyday! Not even thinking about going back to my other felt tip liner cause this one blows them out of the water. I can get a perfect line every time, perfect pigmentation & it doesn’t smudge when I wipe my eyes. This is retail about $13 bucks which isn’t awful. I did purchase a gray one that was on sale for $8 each.

s1468438-main-lheroTarte cosmetics: deluxe maracuja oil: Oil is a new thing for me. I can sometimes have oily skin so it just didn’t seem like something I wanted or really needed to add to my makeup collection. I also got this in my December ipsy bag & I have use it a few different times and each in a different way. I have use it on my face when it seems like my normal moisturizer just isn’t cutting it in the winter air & I have also used a few drops in my hair when the static is just too much. Both times it felt great and not once did it feel or look too oily. I don’t think I will use it every day, but I like that it has more than one use.

2296782Rimmel London: Scandal Eyes Mascara: I love trying out new mascaras & this one was given to me for Christmas in my stocking. I have to say this is definitely in my top 10 favorites. Not only do I get great lift & curl but I get length like never before. I do have to apply 2 or 3 coats to get the thickness I like but over all one of the best I have tired from the drugstore.

Outlast XTend Invisible Solid: These have been a life saver for me. I probably sweat more than the average person & so finding a deodorant and antiperspirant that works for me is really difficult. I can usually find one that helps with one problem but this is the closest I have come to solving both problems. And the best of all is they smell so good & I can smell it all day no matter how much running around I do!

New Item: This month I also got to try a bunch of new products from Norwex & Arbonne. Both companies are consultant based companies & all natural products.

Norwex is known for its cleaning supplies infused with Silver, a natural antibacterial. But they have more than cleaning supplies. They have washcloths, deodorant, toothbrushes & more. I tried their deodorant & their washcloth and both are good products. The wash cloth takes off the toughest of waterproof makeup & leaves my skin super soft. Because of the silver the cloth acts as an exfoliater while it cleans. It also makes taking off your makeup much easier. The deodorant worked well as more of an antiperspirant but not much for a deodorant. I found myself having to use my Secret over it to help with B.O.

Arbonne is another new company to me- this one is also all natural really striving to have Pure, Save and Botanical products. I got a beautiful lipstick & some unwind aromatherapy bath salts. I loved this party because it wasn’t just someone talking off a script or reading from a catalog. We actually got to try 10-12 of the products by being pampered by the consultant & she really did give us a spa night. I fell in love with the bath salts when she demonstrated them on a foot bath for us. The salts alone left my skin softer and filled the room with relaxing scents. The lipstick was a bold step out of my comfort zone as I let my BFF pick the color for me! Both have been a great addition into my arsenal!

IMG_5162.jpgJewelry Item: My sister & I have a close friend who started a new business with her husband called She of Noble Character. Both Jess and I got items from their jewelry line for Christmas & I am absolutely in love with both of them. The company’s goal is to bring scripture into our everyday lives & to be a reminder of His love for us. Each piece is inspired by a verse of the bible and reflects and important reminder.

What were your sidekicks for December? Did any of yours make my list? Any new products you found that I should try?


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