[get the look]: scarves

Scarves are probably one of my favorite accessories. I wear them all year long, with practically every outfit & I rarely wear them to keep warm. I think scarves are the perfect accessory to add not only color and texture to an outfit but for me, a lot of times it adds modesty.

Throughout collecting scarves I realized that I don’t have much variation in the way I wear them. And then I got a few scarves that I didn’t even know how to wear. Because it’s winter here in Minne-snow-ta, I thought I would share some of my favorite scarves & tricks to wearing them!

I recently got a blanket scarf in my Fall FabFitFun box & I struggled for a long time to figure out how to wear it. I am only 5 feet tall and so every part of me is little. I don’t have much neck space & I was worried that the scarf would swallow me and look just ridiculous!

blanket-scarf-favorite-tieI stumbled upon this blog that show 9 really simple ways to tie a scarf & most of them looked easy enough for me to try. Some looked like they might actually work for me, my shape & my style!

This really adorable girl gives step by step pictures on how to tie scarves 9- you can find her original post here. But I wanted to share some of my favorite looks here with you guys and give you a few tips or ideas if you are in the same boat I am.

This is my favorite way to tie a blanket scarf. You still have the nice cozy feeling of wearing a scarf without feeling like you are drowning in fabric! On her list it is #6 & its probably the easiest one, at least for me 🙂

Other scarves I struggle with are my LuLu Lemon Vinyasa Scarves. a7f10395b8fa6811cedcc0066aa6f250.jpgGiven to me as a gift I have gotten 2 different kinds. I have a thick one I generally wear in winter to keep me warmer & another one that is much lighter weight great for when I want to wear a scarf in the summer but don’t want to get too hot. If you aren’t familiar with these scarves- they are infinity scarves attached together by buttons. The buttons allow you to create different looks by unsnapping & re-snapping them in different ways!

Check out this YouTube video on How to Tie Vinyasa Scarves.

I generally wear my Vinyasa scarf “classic” style. I am usually not super adventurous with my scarf tying but I love some of these ways & am going to try some of these out this winter.

I also have a huge variety of infinity scarves and basic tassel ended scarves, a triangle one & a short Vera Bradley one too. The problem came when I literally wore them all the same, with little to no variation. It wasn’t until I saw this video that I really started to change it up.

Now some of the ties in this video are ones are simply not my style & I just won’t wear them, but others of them were new to me and I will definitely try them.

How do you wear you scarves? Are there any styles that didn’t make it into her video? Any styles I’m missing?


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