Walmart Beauty Box [First Impression]

I have heard a lot about this box and I am excited to finally get on the list to receive it. This box and the Target Beauty  box are really hard to find, but in my random searching I stumbled across the link to sign up! The Target one is unfortunately unavailable. But I was able to sign up for the Walmart Beauty Box.

I have seen some YouTubers open these boxes before & I thought they were decent but nothing over the top. I am getting the Fall Beauty Box. Let me tell you, when I took the lid off the box, I was blown away at how many items come in this $5 BOX!


Y’all.. I got 9 beauty items for $5! and items I will USE!! Okay I am freaking out because so many of these are great products that I have actually been eyeing or ones that I have used before and I was really excited to get them in my box.

I love the Biore Charcoal Pore Strips. I feel like not only do they help unclog my pores but they suck up extra oil on my face too. I am always left with super soft and clear skin after a treatment with these. I am bummed that I only got one because I love them so much but super excited to get one, I’m almost out!

The Village Naturals Therapy Bath Salts were super relaxing! I used them in a bath when I was in the middle of a cold when my body was just super achy and a hot bath just wasn’t cutting it. The salts helped so much just relax my muscles & the aromatherapy helped get me breathing easy and get me relaxed before bed.

I also tried the Nature’s Bounty Vitamins, again, two aren’t really going to give me a great impression of the product before I go and buy them, but they definitely tasted great!

The Hello Toothpaste is also one that I tried. First impression was it wasn’t super strong mint, so I didn’t feel like it really freshened my breath, and it also didn’t give me that tingle feeling that my teeth were clean. I could see and feel that they were, but I think this one is a good one to save for traveling. I am glad I got to try this brand because it is one that I have been wanting to try for a while, just never got around to it.

I haven’t tried the Batiste dry shampoo, the single use cleaning cloth, the Cetaphil moisturizer, the Dove body wash or the Clean & Clear deep action face wash yet. Many of these products, because of their size, I like to save for traveling or nights out of the house. I hate to open these little bottles while I am in the middle of using a regular size product. But I am excited to try more of these products & to see what comes in my next box!

Overall, I think this is a great value. Because it has brands & products that I can more easily find in my go to stores, I am excited to try some new brands, and try new products from brands I already love.

Have you ever gotten the Wal-Mart Beauty Box? How do you think it compares to other beauty subscription boxes? Did you like the products in the box?


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