Allure Beauty Box {First Impression}

I just received my first Allure Beauty Box & I was decently impressed. I have gotten a variety of beauty boxes before and this one was above average in my mind.

This beauty box is a monthly subscription that is $15 per month and contains a handful of editor favorite beauty products. I was really excited to get one of these boxes because of their product list. Most of the products chosen are high end brands. That means you can try these samples for WAY cheap before buying them off the shelf.

My first impression of the box is that it was small. Compared to both BirchBox and Glossy Box the box itself was much smaller. Upon opening though, I was pleasantly surprised. Like most beauty boxes, you get a little booklet that explains what the products are & gives the retail price. The cool thing about this one is that they give you more info about the products! They tell you:

  1. What the product is
  2. What it does
  3. Key Ingredients
  4. Why they like it
  5. What it smells like
  6. Price

These are often things you have to figure out yourself when you test the products but with my allergies, this was really nice to have. I also like that with the perfume sample I got they told me what it smelled like. (spoiler alert: it smells really good). Good Job Allure on the booklet- that part alone won you lots of points!

Now for what I got in my box, I wasn’t surprised that lots of the products and or brands were unfamiliar to me (because I don’t buy high end makeup brands) but I was excited to try them!


I got 6 items in my box, 2 of them I have at least heard the name of the company before but never seen these products. Without further ado here they are!

red-flower-lotionRed Flower Icelandic Moonflower Moisturizing Body Lotion:
Retail: $26

This lotion is thick & creamy! I loved that it was easily and quickly absorbed into my skin & it didn’t leave it feeling heavy or greasy.

Another bonus: it smells great!


bulgariBulgari Omnia Crystalline (Perfume):
Retail:  $82 for 2.2 ounces.

This is the best smelling (& most expensive) perfume I own! (Once I figured out how to open it) I wanted to literally take a bath in it. This tiny little bottle packs a punch.

Its fresh floral, Nashi pear, bamboo, lotus flower, and balsa wood

eyekoEyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner:
Retail: $20

This brand I am familiar with because I got one of their eyeshadow sticks in a different beauty box. But this one I was really excited about. I have been loving my felt tip eyeliner pen from a previous beauty box I had gotten but it has started to wear out. These pens give you perfect accuracy and a great bold line.

aloeBonvivant Botanical Mask Pack
Retail: $3

This light weight mask is a total must in the winter. Its cool and watery serum soaks right into the skin giving it life, moisture and gives you a glow after just 10 minutes! This mask is a total must have for the make up especially when traveling!


aveneEau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream
Retail: $32

This little bottle goes on like a light weight moisturizer with the hydration of a thick cream. Another great product as we are getting into the cold of winter. My face and neck and hand dry up like crazy in the winter and this little guy is going to be my ticket for great, hydrated skin 🙂

klorane.jpgKlorane Shampoo With Essential Olive Extract:
Retail: $15

While I have problems finding a shampoo that doesn’t irritate my skin, often times I either find a shampoo that is nourishing but heavy, or light weight but drying. This one provides the best of both worlds. It works into a light lather, so it really cleans, but the olive extract nourishes the scalp and leaves your ends bouncy.

Overall- I am really please with the items I got. I think I will use, or at least be able to try all of them (fingers crossed on the shampoo). For $15 a month is definitely worth the money to try out these high end brands before you pay full retail price.

Have you ever gotten the Allure Beauty Box? Are you contemplating subscribing? Let me know what you think of my box!

Have a BEAUTY-full day!

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