-Ipsy Gets Personal-

I am super excited to share that Ipsy got more personal! Thank you Cleia Beauty Blog for posting about the update! I had kind of given up on Ipsy and many other beauty products because many of them had items I just wasn’t going to use, and the bags really did seem just generic and not like they looked at my beauty profile when creating the bag.

I have gotten 2 Ipsy bags in the past, you can find those posts, here & here.  And although each bag had an item or two that I still use, mostly the Tarte Lip Crayon and the brushes. But I am excited for this new, more personalized bags.

If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy- they are a make-up/ personal care subscription service that delivers once per month. You pay $10 for 4-6 more personalized items. Often you get to try high end brands as well as some well known store brands. I have gotten brands that I have never heard of.

The other cool thing about Ipsy is that you can review the products you’ve received and in return they give you points. Once you have accumulated enough points you can trade them in to get extra samples in your next box.

Besides asking the basic questions about eye & hair color, they ask you:
1. Your comfort level with make-up: I love this because I would like to think that I am good with make-up and pretty familiar around it, but I am so not! They have 3 different levels that you can pick from and right now, but I did have to bump myself down a level.
2. You get to pick what brands you want to check out. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get these but I like that you have that option to pick some brands you’ve been wanting to try!
3. They ask what products you like the most & what skin and hair products you use the most! I love this because I don’t have much of a skin care or hair care routine but I have gotten products that allow me to try different things and figure out what I like.
4. Last they ask you your preferred shade for eye shadow, eyeliner, lips, nail polish & blush. This one is DEFINITELY new & I love it. I love that I can customize what shades I get in my bags.

I can’t wait to see what comes in my bag, and to see if its more personalized than the last two I got. Check back to see what I get in my next Ipsy Bag! 🙂

Check out my referral code: https://www.ipsy.com/newcid=ppage_ref&sid=link&refer=x7aod


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