SideKicks {October}

As the month has come to a close, I like to look back at what make-up items became my go to items to help me get ready throughout the month. October was a fun month for me to play around with some make up! I had a few events that I got dolled up for, and to do that I had some new and some old sidekicks that helped me create the perfect look!

swampqueen1I got to use more of my SwampQueen eye shadow palette to create some really fun eye looks. I have really gotten into mixing some of the shades to create even more looks. I love the variety of shades that come in the palette but mixing them gives you even more options. I also like that some of the shadows are matte and others have glitter in them. I am still having some major fall out both when I am getting the product on my brush and when I am applying to my eye. But I still am loving this palette.

The other great thing about this is Bunny added a bronzer, blush and highlight to this palette, which has allowed me to also play around with these as well. Although I’m not usually a full face of make-up kind of girl, it’s fun to use them for special occasions.

EYEKO FAT STICK in SatinFor a quick, simple, everyday eye shadow I have been using a sample I got from GlossyBox; the Eyeko London- Fat Stick: Satin. This is a basic eye shadow stick, but it packs the punch with its shimmer. Just a few swipes of this bad boy and I’ve got shimmer all night. I like the Satin shade because I can wear it to work, or smoke it up and wear it out. A neutral shade that goes with any type of outfit.

I have noticed that if I don’t prime my eyes first it does tend to crease and pick up the line of my eye liner. Not a pretty look. But a primer helps eliminate those issues.

I still have been using my Tarte: Lights Camera Lashes mascara along with my Too Faced: Better than Sex Mascara. These two, by themselves and especailly together, wow. My lashes are touching my eyebrows, they are blacker than black, lifted, curled and have so much volume.

I also love that neither of these mascaras flake, crumble, smudge or are impossible to remove at the end of the night. Both of the intense wands really grab all of my lashes. Although neither of these are very cheap, and I am quickly using up whats left of my samples I still love these little guys.

Because it’s fall, I have been going for a bolder lip. I still love using my bright red Buxom Barcelona Lip Crayon that I have mentioned many times on here, but I have also been playing around with a bolder purple shade from Ulta.  Ulta Matte Lip Cream: Allusive. It’s this deep berry purple shade that I love to pair with my  olive green, black and even mustard colored outfits.

It is a thinner formula and it does take a few coats & some patience to get a good layer on. I also like that it’s not drying. It does dry on the lips but I don’t feel like need to apply chap stick once its on.

I’m currently on the hunt for a new favorite eyeliner. I have gone back and forth between crayons, pencils, liquid and felt markers. And although I have featured different favorites in the past, this month I didn’t really have one that stood out. I used a variety and even played around with different colors, brown, plum and gray but nothing really won me over.

What are your favorites from this past month? Have any recommendations for a new eyeliner? Did any of your favorites make my list?

Have a BEAUTY-full Day!


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