Make-up Routine {everyday}

Image.jpegI have stated before that I am not a full face of make-up kind of girl, especially on a daily basis.  I like my make-up routine to be simple, face and extremely lightweight. There is nothing I hate more than feeling like my make-up is heavy, cause if it feels heavy, it probably looks that way too.

I have a very simple routine most days, mascara. Some days I’ll add eyeliner and a lip gloss. I like to put make-up on and play around with different looks, but I like my sleep even more. My mornings don’t leave much time to get all dolled up, but on the rare occasion I have extra time, this is the look that I wear. I have a few products that make my everyday make up look SUPER easy & super quick.

Image result for too faced better than sex mascara ultaMascara: I have tried many brands with different wands in my days. I LOVE getting mascara samples because I feel like I am ALWAYS looking for a better mascara. I have a list of my favorite mascaras that you can find here, but right now my everyday mascara is Too Faced: Better Than Sex Mascara in Jet Black.  The wand works wonders on my lashes! The wand grabs a hold of all of my lashes and lifts them higher than a lash curler can ever get them. The are thick, and black and sometimes I get asked if they are fake.

Eyeliner: When I wear eyeliner I use my Girlactik felt tip eyeliner Marker. This is literally IMG_4327the best eyeliner I have ever used. I get great control over where my line goes, and I can get a better line with this marker than I can with a brush or a felt tip liquid.

I have heard and seen that ELF has a very similar liner that is much cheaper. They have a Waterproof Eyeliner Pen that has a similar tip at about a 10th of the cost of Girlactik. You can find the link here to check it out. I may have to get it and do a head to head test before my Girlactik one is all out.

Lips: I am usually not doing a lip on my everyday look. Usually my EOS chapstick is about it. Sometimes I will add a bit of color with either my Buxom Barcelona Lip Crayon or just a nude shade like a tinted lip balm from ELF or a matte Lip Paint from Tarte.

IMG_4283Every morning and night I use a makeup remover. My favorite is Even Advanced by Alba Botanica. This is a natural make up remover that gets off the toughest of make up with ease. I don’t have to rub hard to get off waterproof mascara and it doesn’t smudge red lipstick across my face.

The only down side, if I don’t get it all off, it sometimes leaves my eyelids oily making it hard for any eyeliner or shadow to stick.

And that’s about it. Very quick, very simple & very easy.

What are your everyday makeup products? Did any of your favorites make the list? I’d love to hear what products make getting ready a breeze for you!

Have a BEAUTY-full day!


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