Nail Polish Favorites: Fall Edition

Like most girls I have quite the collection of nail polish. Most every shade of pink, a few reds and purples, the random neon shades and a handful of neutrals. Some how they just accumulate and before I know it I am up to my ears in bottles of nail polish.

I love the relaxing nature of painting my nails or getting my nails painted. Something about the experience is a huge stress reliever. Although the polish never lasts as long as I hope, it’s still something I find myself doing on a weekly basis.

I went through a lull where my nails weren’t painted. Due to a stressful end of summer and lack of time, they were just basic natural nail. But I recently got back into a routine of painting them. I’m not one that pays to get my nails done, unless invited or for a special occasion. I’ve got a pretty good arson at home that works just as well and its free!

I’ve got a variety of brands that are my go to one. Some nicer ones like Essie, some cheap $0.99 ones from Wal-Mart but ya know, nail polish is nail polish but I thought I would share some of my favorite ones, especially for fall.

Essie is becoming one of my favorite brands. Although it is often more than I want to spend on nail polish I LOVE the variety of shades and options. I also love that I can sometimes get them on clearance at Ulta & TJ Max or Marshals. And sometimes I splurge and pay the $9 for a shade that I love.

I also LOVE this top coat, I have mentioned it in my favorites blog but it is awesome. Just two coats of polish and one coat of this top coat & my nails last a week without chipping.

These two shades are my fall favorites. Deep purple is perfect for Fall & paring with my army green shade that I love so much. I also have a gold glitter that is perfect for an accent nail or the holidays!

Sinful Colors is another one of my favorites. I have a handful of shades from them but these two are my favorite for Fall. The brown Nirvana shade is the perfect neutral & is perfectly warm for fall. I love wearing Supernova too! It is a little sassy with the simmer/glitter. Again its perfect for an accent shade or for the holidays.

Julep is a new brand to me. I originally heard about them to get a free birthday box from them and I ended up getting a fairly good deal and I purchased these 2 shades and got the nail treatment in my birthday box. Both of these shades are from the Bombshell collection & they aren’t all that different but again I love the deep purple/ burgundy shade for fall. Its so warm and these two shades go so well with lots of outfits.

The nail treatment is great to use in between paintings. The treatment helps keep my nails strong & prevents the yellowing and breaking from multiple rounds of painting. I think you can even use it as a base before you paint to help keep nails strong under a cute color.

This Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy is another one of my favorites. It doesn’t break the bank, lasts a few days before chipping & has a base and color all in one. I have this brand in a few shades but this purple is my favorite.

Besides having favorite polishes, I also have a few products that make painting my nails less of a chore and much easier.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist. This is an item that I got twice in Glossy Box as a sample. Because I got it twice I decided to give it a try. So many times I paint my nails and then end up messing one up because I am in a rush and am clumsy and this prevents that from happening. I spray it on in between coats to help speed up the process. And in the mean time, I’m not limited on what I can do, being ever so careful not to mess up my fresh nails.

Essie Gel Setter Top Coat: Although this only works with Essie Nail Polish, it’s totally worth it. Just one coat of this on top of two coats of polish my nails last over a week without chipping.

What are your favorite Fall Shades? Do you have any products that help with long lasting colors, faster dry times or that make painting your nails easier? Any brands that you can’t live without?


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