Dr. Hauschka Review & First Impression


I recently got free samples from a woman at work. She put them in the lunch room, and told people to help themselves. Because I have so many allergies and irritations to new products, I thought I would look into this brand/company and see if A. I could use it & B. See if I liked it.

I grabbed 3 products from the pile she set on the counter. A variety of products were spilled across but these 3 seemed the most practical for me and my skin care. As I went back to my desk, I did a little more research into the company, the products themselves and I was curious to see what they retailed at.

In looking at the website & the packaging that these products and all the products in the company are completely natural. Used only the best ingredients for the skin and body. In reading the ingredients used in the products I grabbed, there was nothing that would irritate my skin (to be sure, I spot tested it on the inside of my elbow).

To my surprise, I LOVED these products. Although expensive, really expensive, they felt great on my skin, and left my skin softer and free of blemishes. The toner is in a glass bottle that simply gets sprayed on your face, the rubbed in. The rose day cream definitely smells of rose, and the moisturizing day cream will be perfect for drying winter months.

After some digging, I found out that you can pick up this line of skin care at Whole Foods Market, or online. These were full sized products that I got, and I couldn’t believe how expensive they were.


Even though I liked these products, and they worked wonders on my skin. Not sure I will buy these when I am done with these bottles.

Have you ever used this brand? Ever tested these products, or other products from Dr. Hauschka? Are they worth the hefty dollar sign?


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