Boxycharm {Unboxing}

A very late unboxing, but better than never. I got this box back in June, but with all the Glossy boxes, this one slipped through the cracks of blog world.

This is another monthly subscription box that is $21 a month, and you get 5-6 items in it. This box was my first from them, and so I was excited to see what I got inside. Because I was no stranger to subscription boxes, I had high hopes for this one because it was more expensive than Ipsy and Birchbox.


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With Boxycharm you earn charms and you can redeem them for either money towards a purchase or box, or free shipping. This box wasn’t bad, although I wasn’t familiar with any of the brands, I thought it was worth the money spent. In my box I got 5 items:

Girlatik Beauty- Precise Eyeliner Marker: This is one of the better eyeliner markers I have tried. The felt tip stays full of product that gives me a great line. This does dry fairly quick and can smudge fairly easily. It does have good pigmentation and is very easy to use.

Cougar Mineral Face & Body Shimmer- Diamond Kiss: This is one of those products that takes a special person to appreciate. This YELLOW shimmer powder is just like it sounds, its got a good deal of shimmer. I’m not sure how much use this will get in my collection, but it was an interesting item at least.

Farmacy Gel Masks- Hydrading: These are GREAT and the fact that I got 3 individual masks was even better. These are organic face gel masks that feel and make my skin look great. I think this brand might be looking into.

OFRA Pressed Powder- Oil Control: This is another product that I’m not sure will get much use. I tried using it for baking, but it didn’t release enough powder to do so.

LUV Nail Polish- Powder Blue: This one (not pictured) is a great nail polish. A single coat was enough to cover my nails and give me great pigmentation. I wouldn’t have picked this color out from the store but I love that I got it as a sample.

Overall, I think this was an okay box, maybe perfect for a more experienced makeup or beauty person. But some of the products for me aren’t going to get use, but they may get passed on to friends that will use them.

Are you subscribed to Boxycharm? What do you think of the boxes you’ve gotten? Have you gotten anything really great in a box?


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