July Sidekicks

Another month, another set of sidekicks. This month, although I have gotten lots of beauty samples, I didn’t get to use as many as I would have liked. I did however find new favorites and get to use some new products. So, without further ado let’s get started.

IMG_4306Eyes: Lately I have been using my Benefit they’re Real set from Sephora. Although they took a lot of getting used to, especially the rubber tipped eyeliner, I eventually got the hang of it, and think these will be great for my vacation in a few weeks. Check out my full review of these products here.

IMG_4335Face/Skincare: I haven’t been experimenting much with different skin care, just because of the business of summer, but one that I did try was from my Glossybox. I tried the Colion’s Bubbling Pore treatment. Let me tell you this was one of the most entertaining and unique face mask experiences I have ever had. The Blackhead O2 Bubble mask is exactly as it sounds, this mask bubbled and tingled just like drinking really carbonated drinks.

The second step, although I only used it for a few seconds due to an allergic reaction, really cooled down and soothed my skin after the bubble mask cleaned out all of my pores.

I did notice that I had clean and tight pores after using this treatment, however by the next day they were back to their usual self. I don’t know if it is worth the $31 retail price.

Lips: I have been loving my Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick. I got my sample again from a Glossybox. This one was in the shade CHIHUAHUA, and I love wearing it out, to work, or even just for running errands. It is super light weight, and doesn’t dry out my lips.


Hair: With such a sensitive head, I have to be careful with what I use on my hair. Currently I am using Pantene Sheer Volume just the shampoo. It leaves my hair full of volume without the weight and doesn’t irritate my head when I use it every other wash.


What were your favorites this month? Did you have any products that stuck out and were made your “go-to’s”? Have you ever tried these products, or want to try them?

I’d love to hear your feedback! Until next months sidekicks- have a BEAUTY-full day!


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