Glossy Box Unboxing {June}

Glossy Box is one of the boxes that I have wanted to try for a while when I see one of my favorite YouTubers, EleventhGorgeous, unbox them every month. But I always forget to sign up! I finally did, and I am so excited to share what I got in the June box with you.

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box that is $21/ month. Each month you get 5-6 full sized beauty products.

Before you get your first box, you take a beauty quiz. I love when companies do this, I feel like I get products that are more personalized for me, not just general products that everyone gets.

You also accumulate “Glossy Dots”. A reward system that gives you dots for referrals, purchases and taking surveys. When you reach 1,000 dots you can then redeem them for a free box. Use my referral code to get started!

Referral Code:

Check out what I got in my June 2016 Glossy Box:

First impression was “There are a lot of products” I couldn’t believe how many were in here, although it was only 2 more than I got in Ipsy & Birchbox, it seemed like so many more products. My next thought was “I have NEVER heard of  some of these brands” Both excited and slightly bothered to try new brands I was willing to give it a try.IMG_4332

The items I got in my box were:

Professional Sebastian whipped Creme– a hair cream that is used to help style and hold your hair. Although I don’t style my hair much were I would need this, it is a great travel sized product.

Sebastian Dark Oil– I think this was just an bonus sample, it is much smaller than the other samples in the box. This is a small amount of hair oil that doesn’t really say what it does.

Two Tan Towels– These can be used anywhere on your body, and are quick ways to add a little color. I am very fair and don’t tan easily, so these might be great to use on my face for that summer wedding or event.

Sinful Colors– Kylie Jenner Line Nail Polish. The color I got was a Matte Gray sparkle. I have already put it on and already love it. Although the first day or half a day the polish feels gritty, it does go away with wear. I also don’t use top coat (because I’m too lazy) and it did last a few days without chipping.

LA Splash Lip Gloss– Although I am not much of a gloss wearer, I do like the color. I might wear it for events or going out with the girls, when its not windy or I have to eat something. I just think gloss is so sticky and I seem to always get my hair stuck in it.

Caolion Pore Ritual Skin Care-this two step blackhead removing and pore treatment looks really cool, I am a little nervous. I believe it is a Japanese product I have high hopes for it. Check back in a little bit to see a review once I get the chance to try it.

Icona Milano Mascara– I love getting new mascaras to try. This one looks to have a good small wand great for getting those small lashes. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet because I am working on finishing up some older mascaras.

Overall, I’m happy with the products that I got and will use most of them but I’m not blown away with the products, but think it was a good variety of products and very pleased with the sizes.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox? What do you think of the samples that I got in my box, did you get different ones in your box?



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