Dr. Jart+ Skin Care Review

I recently picked up 2 single use skin care products from the brand Dr. Jart+. Both of the products were meant to clean out and shrink pores. Something I am always on the hunt for. I have tried many products that don’t always see to work as well as I’d hope.

I have seen a few people on YouTube use this brand and they have said good things about it. Before I purchased these products, I did look up some reviews on Influencer (an app that rewards you for writing reviews, asking questions and other things about beauty products) as well as look up the ingredients to make sure they weren’t going to irritate my skin.

The two that I got were a charcoal sheet mask, and a two step pore strip and cooling strip.IMG_4344.jpg

I did the Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask first. First impression was that I liked it at first. It felt cooling on my face, and I did feel an initial tingle where I knew I had some acne. The directions said to leave it on for 15 minutes and rub the remaining solution into your face. After 5 minutes or so, the mask started sliding down my face. There was so much product on the mask that it didn’t say on my face, even when I laid my head back to keep it on, it slid off the side. Maybe I have a small face or put the wrong side against my skin. Like I mentioned I had a tingle feeling in the beginning, but back of the packaging said “This soothing sheet mask purifies pore and removes excess sebum without irritation”. A Let me tell you what, not only did it NOT remove the sebum on my face, it actually DID irritate the pimples I have.

I saw no improvement after this mask, and I don’t think its worth the $7.50 you pay for ONE mask. Over all I give this mask a two out of 5. The mask did feel good and was cooling, but as far as results, I didn’t see any.

The next product I tried was the Pore Master Patch 2 step system.  I was no stranger to pore strips and I always have high hopes for them to clean out my pores perfectly. But for $7.50, again I was disappointed. This two step system starts with your basic dry pore strip. You place it over you nose, wait for it to dry and then peal it off. Again maybe I did it wrong, but this pore strip was less than impressive, I get more cleaned pores from my Biore strips that are much cheaper. Although it did clean out some of my pores, I was expecting better results.

Step two of this process is a cooling strip. Same concept but it has a solution that helps reduce redness as well as close pores. Again this one had so much product on it that it didn’t seem to stay on my face.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with these, and please let me know if I used them wrong. Maybe I should have used them in reverse order, and would have seen better results. Give me your input and let me know if you have tried these and what your first impression was.


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