Fabletics Take 2

So I was really bummed that I missed the free item by canceling so soon with my first subscription. Therefore, I used a different e-mail address, got the same great deal and now I know how to get the free item.

The second outfit I got was again 2 pieces. It seems to be the outfits that I like the most only come with 2 pieces. My second outfit was another tank and legging set, both again in black. My go to workout color. The leggings have this cute hole pattern on the side that give it a great little something extra! I love this cute criss cross tank top  is perfect for hot summer day and workouts.

After I got the outfit and fell in love with the back I didn’t however love the way my sports bras looked with it and did find some cute ones at Target that will go much better than the one one pictured.

I follow Fabletics on Instagram and got word of a Memorial Day sale that you can get an outfit for only $15! Another GREAT deal that I took advantage of (using a third email). I don’t normally cheat the system this much, but have been LOVING these outfits!

Photo on 6-2-16 at 7_Fotor.jpgBecause I loved my first outfit so much, when I went to order a third outfit, I actually ordered the exact same outfit, but with a white tank top instead of the black. I also added a sports bra to my order for an extra $5.

This is the tank and the sports bra that I got in the third order.

I did go to cancel my accounts and apparently I did it wrong again because I checked out as a guest and did get the offer to skip and be rewarded the 500 points. So yet again, I don’t get the free item.


BUT I did have a good trip to Target, I got some great clearance items that complete thePhoto on 6-3-16 at 1_Fotor.jpg splurge on fitness outfits.  I got this criss cross sports bra for $3.49 that will go perfect with the black tank, and I got this light purple long sleeve twist back shirt for $5.95!

I even got a light weight rain jacket that was perfect for my outdoor concert that happen to have rain the entire time. You can see that jacket in my Joyful Noise {2016} post on my other blog. But Target by me had a bunch of workout clothes on clearance and all types of clothes, pants, shirts, sweatshirts and sports bras. I would definitely check out your local Target.

Have you ever tried fabletics? Where is your favorite place to get workout clothes from? Have you found great deals somewhere else?



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