Loving the Locks

Standing in the hair care aisle, jaw on the floor, staring at all the possibilities and confusion is all that’s running through my head. I hate picking out shampoo and conditioner because I have YET to find one that I absolutely adore. I like to wear my hair short, Asymmetrical, A-line bob, to be exact. I don’t have thin hair, but I don’t necessarily have thick hair either.

Many products have been through my hair, and some gave me an allergic reaction, due to my sensitive and goofy skin allergies, and others have weighed my hair down. Some give my hair a tremendous amount of volume, but at the end of the day leave my hair oily, and others tend to dry out my hair, resulting in flat and blah looking hair.

I have tried everything from the gross smelling medicated stuff, to the cheap $0.89 stuff from Wal-Mart, all the way to the expensive and nothing has made my hair smile.

I have to say the best, so far, product that I have tried is the Acure Clarifying shampoo and conditioner. I have only been using it for about a month or so, and I can already tell a huge difference in my hair.

As I mentioned I have a very sensitive head. With a combination of eczema and complicated case of psoriasis, I am always scratching my head. A habit I sometimes didn’t know I was doing, or even doing in my sleep. Usually brought on by stress or anxiety, my head was constantly itching and bleeding.

Nervous to try new products thinking I will react to them, I seldom vary from my Aveno products, but decided to give it a shot.

This Organic and free set of hair care products have done WONDERS for my hair! I have noticed how light weight and manageable my hair is, but most of all my head isn’t itchy. I haven’t been waking up with an itchy scalp, or been caught scratching at it throughout the day.

I love the way that this kind smells, like lemon. It makes me feel clean and refreshed. I have noticed that I do need to use it every other day, or alternate with a different shampoo. The more I have gotten used to it I find my hair gets oily after a day. I have been alternating it with Aveno shampoo.

Do you have any hair care products that work well for a very sensitive scalp? Do you have a similar situation? What worked for you?



2 thoughts on “Loving the Locks

  1. Jessie says:

    I’m pretty sure the reason it’s making your hair oily if you use it too much is because it’s a clarifying shampoo, which means it works extra hard to remove dirt & oil from your hair, which is really good if you’ve been using other products & want to get rid of any residue or anything, but it also makes your head produce more oil to replenish what’s been stripped away. : ) I’m glad you found products you really like, though! I might have to try them.


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