SPA night {using samples}

Over the past few months I have accumulated so many samples I thought I would use them and do an at home spa night. I love to take time, usually once a week if I can, to pamper myself and treat myself to a spa night.

IMG_4122.jpgI start by taking off my make up, and getting into some comfy pjs or sweats. Right now I am loving this Rimmel London make up remover for my eyes. It is so gentle and it takes even the toughest of eye make up off. I use these Acure cleansing towels for the rest of my face. These not only take off make up but remove any dirt or impurites from my face too.

Once I have all my make up off, I then use whatever my current face wash is to wash my face, and I will sometimes use a exfoliator as well. Right now I am using my new Acure exfoliator that I have talked about in previous posts.

IMG_4022Then I like to use pore strips. Dirt and junk can get stuck in my pores throughout the week, and I like to use this not only on my nose, but my chin and in between my eyebrows too!  Lately I have been using the Biore Charcoal strips & have been loving them! I look like a dork but it gets to much junk out. Nasty yet satisfying. Sometimes while I am waiting for these to dry, I will start my bath water. I love to soak and just let my melt into the water and let my stress just float away.

Lately I have been loving my Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy bubble bath but I decided to use my new Bath Bombs that I got from my FFF box. I picked the scent Deep Breath. I love the way it smelled and it helped me relax.

IMG_4058Before I get into my bath I like to remove my pore strips, and I will wash my face one last time just to make none of the charcoal is left on my face.

I then get a big glass of water so that my hot bath doesn’t make me dehydrated, I light some candles, and set some soft music.  I have been loving Disney Piano music, and my candle from B&BWIMG_4104

Once I am in the bath, I generally don’t do much to be honest. I like to just listen to the music, smell the candle and let the bath bomb dissolve.

Once I have been in for a while, I generally shave my legs. I LOVE my EOS shave cream and my Schick Hydro razor. I have been using this combo for years and it gets me the smoothest legs ever.

I got a new lotion in my FFF box, and so decided to use it after my bath. It was the Hello Legs lotion. This smells so great, and really did leave my legs really soft and smooth.

In my FFF Spring Box, I got a hand and foot treatment, and I decided to try them tonight. On clean hands and feet, you apply the socks and gloves. Each have a special lotion inside them. Once you put them on they stay for 20 minutes. IMG_4107(Note: If you wear them, plan a head because you can’t do anything with the gloves on, and the socks are really slippery to walk on). After the 20 minutes, you take the socks and gloves off, and massage the extra lotion into your cuticles and hands.  I have to say, first impression these smelled really good, and did absorb into my skin really well. After the treatment was over, both my hands and feet did feel really soft and it stay that way for a few days!

Once I am done pampering myself, I end the night with either a good chick flick, or a book in bed but I allow myself to continue to relax and not let anything stress me out.

What do you like to do for your spa nights? What products are your favorite to use to pamper yourself?


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