Big dreams, little budget

I dream of a full closet of shoes, the latest fashion, the cutest workout clothes and gym shoes in every color… but being on a tight budget doesn’t allow for a closet like that. I often scrounging the racks of a second hand store or limiting myself to the clearance section. If I really love an item that is more than my monthly shopping budget I make myself wait and save for it. After months of saving, I either still want it, or have changed my mind and can then use the money for something else.

TOM bootie.jpgI recently fell in love with a pair of Toms little booties. A great shoe company that stands for a great cause, every pair of shoes purchased there will be another one given to a child that doesn’t have any shoes. I have looked at them online, seen them all over Pinterest, and knew that they were going to be spendy. I am the type of shopaholic that once I try something on that I have had my eye on for a while, I don’t want to walk away with out it. Keeping that in mind, I saved for months before I even went to look at the shoes in person.
The day finally arrived where I saved enough to get the booties if I liked them in person. I went to the mall and before the shoe even touched my foot, I was handing over the money to buy them! The most adorable and comfortable little booties that I was determined to wear with every outfit I owned.

Staying up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting and extremely expensive. For this reason alone I shop second hand stores. You can find great name brand items for half or sometimes a quarter of the cost. My favorite go to store is Plato’s closet, a store for teens and young adults. I’m not sure what age I am too old to shop there but it depends on the styles. I can usually find great work tops or lounge clothes for cheap.

My store does great sales like a bag sale- you pay $10 for a bag and everything from a specific location that you can fit in the bag you get to take home for that $10 you paid. Other sales they have are the Dollar Sale, again specific racks of clothes you can get for a dollar, and many times I can find for 1/2 off!

Here are some of my favorite finds from a second hand store:


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