Fitness Friendzee

I recently stumbled on GREAT deals for some fitness items, and I thought I would share them with you!

I have recently cut my hair, and it is really hard to get all of my hair up for a workout. I saw on Facebook a deal where you could try a FREE headband. Because I am always curious & looking for a good deal, I checked it out and this is what I found. A brand called Vero Brava. A very decently priced company that makes headbands and hats & stands for a great purpose.

The Mission of this company is that with every headband purchased (about $15-$22 a piece) they will give one to a child diagnosed with Cancer. A company that started off small, by selling a few on Etsy, quickly grew when they offer deals like “Try before you buy” and “buy 2 get 1 free”


I took advantage of the try before you buy deal, and received a FREE black headband. To my surprise, these are extremely soft, comfortable and doesn’t seem to lose its elasticity after being worn. It came with this card that shows the ways it can be worn. Not only does it keep my hair out of my face, but it keeps my earbuds in while I move, and it stays in place!

Once I got my headband, I received an email saying they would “refund” the shipping I paid for my trial headband when I make a $20 purchase (basically getting $6 off my next purchase over $20).


The other great deal I took advantage of was Fabletics– A Kate Hudson athletic wear IMG_4047company. When you sign up, you take a quick style quiz that will pair you with styles that fit your fitness habits. Then your can pick your first outfit for just $25. Some outfits are 3 pieces, some are only 2. You can pick from “pre-made” outfits or create your own.

I did cancelled my subscription after 1 month, just to see if I liked it and how the clothes actually fit. Here is my insider tip: When you call to cancel, they try to keep you by giving you 500 points, you then can turn around and use those points to get 1 free item. You can also choose to skip a month instead of canceling, but you only have a small window of time to skip.

You can return any items that don’t fit and get a new piece, or I think you can get credit towards your next purchase.

I absolutely LOVE my outfit that I got. I was surprised how well both of my pieces fit and how good they made me feel. I am wishing I wouldn’t have cancelled so fast…

*For better pictures of the shirt, click here :0)

I got two pieces in my first “kit”. I got a tank with an open back, and of course black. I love the way that this fits, it sits a little higher which is good for me with a bigger chest. My outfit then came with a pair of black capris. These are like magic. The softest pants I have ever worn! They are a tight fit but not an uncomfortable tight. Because I am a shorty, they are a little longer on me then a capri, they are more like ankle length but I am in love with them.

After physically getting my outfit, and trying it on, I regretted canceling so soon. I did sign up again with a different email & shipping address (to get the same great deal, of course) and will just skip if I find that I am not finding anything I like. I did read in the book, that becoming a VIP does have some pretty good perks, including the accumulation of points that can be redeemed for FREE items.

Have you ever gotten Fabletics, or Vero Brava? What do you think of them? Are they worth the price in your mind?


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