If you haven’t heard about this subscription box, you’ve been missing out. This is a  subscription that costs about $49 a quarter. In every quarter the box contains a bunch of products that are generally fitness related. I have seen the value of the box range from $208- $300. A pretty good deal for the amount of stuff you get inside. I have seen lots of people both online, Instagram and Facebook talk about these boxes, as well as see coupons and email offers for months!

I decided to get one box since I am trying to get motivation to get into more of a fitness lifestyle, I thought that I might get some good pieces in my first box.

When you initially sign up, you get $10 off your first box. If you use a referral code you can get more discounts, as well as benefit the person you got the code from. Here is my code if you’d like to try out the box for yourself: http://xo.fff.me/dR7Rw 

So I got my box, and although I already knew what was in it, I was still super excited to open it. Because these boxes only come out quarterly, I have already seen a Youtuber open the Spring box, and I was aware of what I was going to get.

For someone just starting to grow my makeup and hair products collection, and get back into Fitness type activities this box was perfect! Check out what I got below!

  1. Keratin Gloves & Socks- I have never heard of this brand, but have seen products like these. They are socks and gloves that come with a lotion type product inside. You place them on your hands and feet, wait 20 minutes for the lotion to get absorbed into your skin, remove the socks and gloves and massage in the excess lotion. This product claims to improve nail strength, and anti-age the skin.
  2. Jus D’Ameur Bath Bomb Trio- These bath bombs smell AMAZING! I can’t wait to throw one in my next bath. The scents I got are Love Potion, Wake up & Deep Breath. The thing I love about these is that they are made with natural ingredients and essential oils.
  3. ISH Contour Palette- This 4 piece contour kit I am excited about. I have recently gotten into using more bronzer and blush, and this will be great for me to play around with!
  4. Kitchen Herb Garden DIY Kit- This one is going straight to my sister. I don’t cook much at home, or rather use much for herbs. This little kit comes with 3 herbs- Thyme, Basil & Mint. If you visit Markerskit.com & use the code FABFITFUN you can get 20% off your order.
  5. Jook & Nona Tag Necklace- This cute little bar necklace hasn’t left my neck since I got it. Mine has the word “Happy” stamped on it but some say love, dream or inspire. If you visit their website and use the code JNSPRING you can get 10% off your purchase.
  6. Hello Legs Shaving Emulation Lotion- This lotion claims to be a combination of the richest lotion, the softest shaving cream to create “blade butter” for a smooth shave. I plan to put that to the test! It does smell great, and the small amount I tested easily absorbed without leaving me greasy.
  7. Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy- This is a hair treatment that will help smooth and eliminate frizz. Since I have very straight and smooth hair already, I’m not sure if I will get much use out of this. But it smells AMAZING! I applied a little on my hand to test it and I could smell it all day.
  8. Merrithew Yoga Mat Strap- I am excited to bust this out during my next workout. (who knows when that will be ;)) This not only is a cute strap for carrying your yoga mat, but you can also use it as a resistance band, and a strap to “help hold yoga positions” (I’m not quite sure what that means)
  9. The last 2 items I got are two “gift certificates” to online stores. Together they are worth about $55. I did look at the websites, and the items for sale are much more than A. the “gift cards” value, and B. more than I am willing to pay out of pocket for. I believe both companies were Jewelry companies. 31 Bits & Sterling Forever are both beautiful companies, and have Gorgeous pieces, but I wish I would have gotten physical products instead of a gift card that I probably won’t use.

The retail of my box was: $282.91- (I value it at less than that since I don’t count the “gift cards”)

What did you think about this month’s FabFitFun? Have you tried any of these products before?



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