Julep {April}

So I got another box from Julep, and I didn’t intend on getting but got it anyway. This was a box that I got after I changed my beauty profile. I was expecting to get 3 beauty items, but got a surprise instead.

If you aren’t familiar with Julep, they are a monthly subscription that generally sends out nail polish. I have talked about them before when I got my free birthday box, and when I ordered 2 polishes from them.

IMG_4015This month, since I changed my beauty profile, I didn’t get nail polish, instead I got two pieces of make-up, and a gumball.. Yup, you read that right, a gumball. I paid $24 for two pieces of make-up and a gumball.

The two make-up items I got, were a pore minimizing blush? (Apparently that is a thing.) and a Lip oil treatment with a slight tint.

A little annoyed that I got a gumball in my beauty box, I had high expectations for these other products. The blush is REALLY pigmented, and I don’t understand how a blush can minimize pores.

Confused by what a Lip oil is, I tried it. Literally putting oil on your lips. Not sure its purpose but I suppose it could help hydrate dry, cracked lips in the winter. I didn’t see a tint to the oil what so ever. I applied it to my lips and saw no change, and when I applied it to the back of my hand for a swatch, it was so minimal that it was debatable on if it was even tinted.

Overall, I am not happy with my box that I got, and made SURE that I cancelled my subscription. Although the nail polishes were good, and not to expensive, I will not be paying for more boxes like these ones.

Have you ever ordered from Julep? Were you satisfied with your boxes? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


2 thoughts on “Julep {April}

  1. Classycatsbox says:

    I love my Julep subscription but I always customize my box and swap out products. I haven’t been a fan of the pre curated boxes lately..


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