Birchbox {April}

After getting my March box, I was interested in seeing what other products were available and what types of products come in these boxes. After getting a damaged product in my first box, I was hesitant to order again but because it was quickly taken care of, I decided to go for it.

I retook the beauty quiz to see if it changed the types of products I received or if by changing some of the settings I would get different or more familiar brands. I got my box and was pleasantly surprised once again.


The items that I got were:

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm- Pink Blossom: I was really excited to try this one. I do love Burt’s Bees chapstick and the minty tingly feeling it leaves on my lips. And this tinted stuff works great for summer when you don’t want to wear a harsh lip stick but want some color. It still has the great tingly feeling and minty taste too!

Well People Mascara: This was a new brand to me, and I love getting mascara samples. I haven’t tried this one yet because I have so many other samples to use up before they dry. I did peek at the wand and it looks fabulous! I love when I get to try a good looking wand that can catch all the lashes and get them coated.

rms beauty™ the ultimate makeup remover wipes: These I was slightly disappointed with these in the fact that I only got two. I have super sensitive skin, and in order to find out if I was allergic, I had to waste one on my arm to test the solution before I used it on my eyes. That left me with one wipe, and because I don’t usually wear a lot of make-up I am saving it for a day when I wear more to test it. And if I like it, I am out of luck because I don’t have anymore wipes to use.

Vasanti® BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: This is another product that I had to test before I use it on my face. I did turn a little pink & itchy after using it on the inside of my elbow. I will test it one more time and if I turn pink & itchy I will be passing it along. I like these types of products but with my sensitive skin I just have to be cautious.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle: I haven’t officially came to a conclusion about this hair product yet. I have very silky smooth and straight hair right out of the shower. I don’t take advantage of the detangle part, but I do like that it also gives volume and is a heat protector. This one spray has more than one use and purpose and that part I do really like. I think it will be great for travel when I don’t necessarily bring along my best shampoo and conditioner and maybe need a detangler.

Over all I am pleased with this box, not overjoyed with the products but that could just be because of my sensitivities.

What items did you get in your box? Have you ever tried any of the ones in my box? Give me a review on Birchbox, are you a fan?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!


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