Julep Subscription

I had mentioned that I love birthday Freebies, and this is one company that did a good job with a birthday reward. Julep is a monthly subscription that sends a lot of nail products, but has other beauty supplies too. Similar to other subscription boxes, you take a beauty quiz that will match you to a “Beauty Style”. This will help the company match you to products that you’ll like and actually use :0)

My first box was a Free Birthday Box. It came with 3 items, one being my nail polish from the Birthstone Collection. Side note, my birthstone is Aquamarine and the nail polish is just pure glitter :0) I still like it!

The second that I got was a Nail Therapy. A quick step before painting my nails that keeps my nails strong and healthy. Sometimes I just paint this coat on by itself.

The last item I got was a gel eyeliner stick. This is some of the best eyeliner I have ever used! The liner is JET black, goes on super easy, lasts all day, doesn’t smudge but is easy to take off at the end of the day.


Once I got my birthday box, I wanted to see what else was available. I changed my Beauty Style, and paid for another months box.

While I am waiting for another box, I received a gift card for $10. I looked and found great colors in their sale area. These are the two colors that I got, great deep wine purple and a rich purple.


Julep offers a small but good variety of beauty products, and based on your beauty profile. I do like that you can switch yours in order to see the different products that are available. The thing I didn’t like about Julep was that the store does close. I think it goes based on when you signed up or joined but I didn’t like that I had to wait until a certain date rolled around before I could order.


Have you ever gotten anything from Julep? What kinds of items did you get in your box?


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