Honest Beauty

Do you ever had those annoying pop up ads in your email homepage? I do too, but this one was worth clicking on. I have heard of the Honest Company many times, but always thought it was too expensive to try. But I was looking through my emails and noticed that they were offering a free trial!

I looked into this free trial to see if it was legit and what the offer was for. I noticed that there were two offers available- Beauty trial or a Sample of diapers and Home supplies. I was interested in both, the Beauty samples for me, and I would give the diapers and Home Supplies to my cousin who has a toddler and a baby on the way.

Honest Essentials.jpgI got the diapers and Home supplies pack first. I got to pick 6 different patterns for the diapers as well as the size I wanted. It also came with 10 wipes. The home supplies it came with body wash/shampoo, hand soap,  Laundry soap, hand and body lotion and healing balm.

The beauty one I was really excited to try.  You get to pick your skin type and they will match you to what products will be best for your skin and skin type. I have sensitive skin and so finding a company that doesn’t irritate my skin and that is moisturizing. I received this package a few days later and was really excited to see it in my mail box. IMG_3879

I got three samples in a really cute travel bag. The samples were a face cleaner, a sheer tint and a deep hydration cream. I love the way that these products smell, there is like a light lemon and lavender smell. Not only does my face feel clean and fresh but they smell it too!

The cleanser to use everyday with out irritating my skin but leaves it soft and blemish free. It is super easy to use and feels great before I got to bed. The moisturizer is very light weight and really a deep moisturizer. The sheer tint works great for a weekend look when I don’t want to wear a full face full of make up.

Both of these were free samples, all you had to do was pay $5.95 for shipping. Although both of these are great trial but if you don’t cancel your subscription you do get charged for an entire months supply :0)

Take advantage of your free trial! I love my products and am glad that I got to try them! You can use my personal referral code:

Honest Company Home Supplies & Diapers: http://www.honest.com/refer/993028
Honest Beauty Company : https://www.honestbeauty.com?share=993043


Let me know what you think if you try either of these free trials!



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