Tarte 2.0

My first purchase from Tarte was my Lip Paint, I was immediately impressed and in love with this product. I went back to see other products that Tart had available and found a few more products I am quite fond of!

The first, is the matching lip liner to the Lip Paint I got. The paint is in the shade Namaste and I got the liner in the shade Boho. The liner is a great nude color that will work great for many lipsticks, gloss, paints, tints that I have.

IMG_3773The Second product that I have is one that was FREE with this purchase, a Lip Crayon in the color Sweet. I love this crayon! Super easy to apply, a great product for everyday wear. Sweet is a light pink shade that is still very neutral! The crayon is moisturizing and extremely lightweight.

The last product I got was a cheek tint & highlight combo in the color Moonlight. Now with this, I was slightly disappointed due to the size of it. The highlight was very large, it was the entire squeeze part. Compared to the highlight, the cheek tint was TINY. It was just the rounded part on the end. Extremely unequal in portion size, I was a little annoyed. I wish the cheek tint was larger, and a lot less of the highlight.

On the plus side, both are great shades, not sticky and blend-able formulas. I do think I will obviously still wear both of them, but I was disappointed in the product.FotorCreated

What products do you like from Tarte? What did you think of the highlight/cheek tint? Were you disappointed in it too?

Have a Beauty-FULL Day!


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